XML Feed Integration for Hotel Reservation and Booking System

The Client

Our client hails from The Netherlands and owns the business in hotel industry. Client has remarkable growing business wherein lots of affiliates are joining them and Client too is joining in affiliation to similar other hotel business. Client wanted to develop a solution of hotel data that can be used from the network of affiliation in real time to present more hotels online and make more point of sales thereby this solution can increase the possibility of booking hotel among the affiliated network. Client wanted to have the solution which can provide online searching, checking availability and booking expected hotels as per their norms and all such business operations can be done via xml enabling the routing of data into the network of affiliation with authentication.


Some of the features expected in the site were:

  • XML service is to share with the affiliated names of destinations of hotel (like different cities, countries).
  • XML service is to share with the affiliated directories of hotels in given city.
  • XML service is to check in real-time rate and availability of the room to book in that hotel.
  • XML service is to book the room in hotel by accepting online credit card information.
  • XML service is to cancel the booking.
  • XML service is to manage to update the rate and availability of the hotel in the affiliate network.
  • XML service is to get the bookings information at any later time.
  • Entire XML service of transactions is to be authenticated by username and password for the security ensuring that the data can get routed in the trusted network only.
  • XML system must be responsible (should not break down) in case of errors and failures in connecting to the other system in affiliate.

The Solution

The entire solution featuring XML services like online hotel search, hotel book and managing rate and availability of hotel and various other services in XML, made to work only after valid authentication of each transactions done between two systems of affiliation. This solution of Radix in this concern is very much remarkable to get the ultimatum resolution proving sound impact to the client’s point of view.

This system can serve as the data provider to other system in affiliation or data consumer from other affiliated system for hotel information. The data providing or data consuming is done via xml.

Those who affiliated can get xml service like hotel searching destination wise, requesting hotel availability and doing hotel reservation by integrating with the system.


This system provides data via xml, to the other website of affiliated sections in order to promote hotel information by allowing the affiliated website to make hotel query and do reservation via xml into the system from affiliated website thereby the system increases the possibility of booking hotels from various affiliated source by offering the hotel information.


The system can work itself in affiliation to other system and consume data from other system via xml, this is needed in system in order to fetch other systems’ real time rate and availability and show it to customer in order to do booking rooms in hotels. For ensuring that rate and availability information of rooms of hotels can be updated easily because the system has two options to use in xml i.e. by xml pull method and by xml push method.

1 ) This system can provide real-time integrated information with other system that possess the actual hotel’s availability and rate related updated information and get this rate/availability information of hotel in demand via xml from other system in order to get displayed into this system. (This is basically the "pull" method of xml wherein the required system can bring the data from other system).

2 ) The other way of getting updated rate and availability, wherein the System has made provision for other system to post the hotel rate and availability information into the system at any time when the actual hotel connected with other system updates rate and availability (This is "push" method of xml where data gets pushed from other system into the required system at any point of time)


Likewise the booking process in xml can be developed wherein the system can collect information related to the booking online from customer and send the same to real-time actually to the other system that does booking of the room in hotels and get the real-time confirmation from the other system in order to display back into the system to the customer. (This is again the implementation of ‘push’ method in xml where data from the required system are pushed ahead into to the other system).

So the entire affiliated network can be developed in xml for providing data to other system or for consuming data from other system.

Full solution’s architecture designing and development has been developed offshore at our premises in India.

Major Achievement

  • Authenticated (username, password based) network of affiliation working via xml.
  • XML based data transfer implementing push and pull methods of xml.
  • XML data transfer techniques via Soap XML, Socket and via HTTP.