Microsoft Windows Server Support

Radixweb is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. This essentially means that we provide Microsoft Certified Support to help you set up, configure, manage and maintain your Windows Server Infrastructure. We take care of all aspects of support, right from initiating server deployment to implementation phase, including migration and troubleshooting.

Active Directory

Today, Active Directory is the cornerstone of a fully functional IT infrastructure, connecting each and every system and user on a network, scaled to an enterprise level. A poorly configured and maintained Active Directory can act as a roadblock in your organization’s growth and expansion. We can help you set up and configure an Active Direcory with following services:

  • Installation and configuration of an Active Directory infrastructure
  • Migration of Active Directory from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 and from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008
  • Active Directory OU and User Management
  • Troubleshooting and managing multiple Active Directory Domain Controllers
  • Group Policy Implementation and Deployment
  • Active Directory Backup and Restoration


Efficiency is the keyword today and every organization strives to achieve optimum level of operational as well as administrative efficiency. The DNS and DHCP services are essentially designed to reduce your administrative efforts by helping you locate computers over your network. The servers impart ease of management and troubleshooting, thereby impacting organizational efficiency. Radixweb can help you with the following when setting up a DNS or a DHCP server:

  • Planning IP address pool and setting up DNS name resolution for servers and clients
  • Deploying and managing DHCP addresses
  • Implementing DHCP IP renewal and release cycles
  • Troubleshooting errors related to DNS and DHCP services

Group Policy

You do not want to lose sleep over the security of your network. We all know that the breach of security parameters can be a nightmare for any organization. Your Group Policy can be a vital component in your organization’s security mechanism. A Group Policy grants administrators total control of an Active Directory domain, necessarily restricting any action which might prove to be hazardous to your network, or pose a potential security risk to your Directory environment. While helping you set up a Group Policy, Radixweb offers you the following:

  • Evaluating and logging of network usage patterns
  • Creating Group Policy in accordance with domain requirements
  • Setting up a Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) for the Active Directory domain
  • Deploying Group Policy across the domain and implementing Group Policy refresh intervalss
  • Troubleshooting and resolving Group Policy errors encountered on your domain

Internet Information Services (IIS)

With various marketplaces turning virtual having an online presence has become a necessity for businesses today. Intranet and Internet have become like the absolute essentials now. Having a central site for the in-house staff or a hosted website for the world is a requirement that every organization faces today. Radixweb offers a wide variety of Internet information services which includes:

  • Planning your IIS requirements
  • Implementing your intranet or internet IIS websites
  • Hosting your web based solutions over IIS
  • Ensuring site uptime and troubleshooting web server issues

Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)

You value your human resources and want them to work as a cohesive unit to accomplish your organizational goals. Fine collaboration between team members is what you are looking for. WSS can help you out here. WSS is a document sharing and collaboration portal for your intranet providing browser based administration and management. Serving as a central repository with features like access control and revision control for documents, it enables your employees to share relevant information and business data. Radixweb offers you the following services when it comes to WSS:

  • Planning and implementing your SharePoint services
  • Setting up sites and portals with User and Group access
  • Troubleshooting and resolving errors in web browsers and client programs
  • Backup, restore or transfer sites over multiple WSS servers
  • Migration of WSS to SharePoint Server 2007

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

Weather a small organization with very small number of computers deployed or a big firm with a huge complex network, it is important that you keep your computers updated. With the time between an update being released and an exploit being developed dwindling, you need a faster way of approving and installing the updates. WSUS enables administrators to apply latest Microsoft security hot fixes, patches and updates across all computers and servers across the domain. Administrators can fully manage these tasks from a centrally managed console. Radixweb is involved in the:

  • Planning and installation of WSUS
  • Setting up of update services and patch deployment using either Group Policy or registry
  • Configuring automatic updates and synchronizing with Microsoft Update repository server
  • Monitoring client workstations and servers via scheduled reports
  • Troubleshooting update rollups and patch management