Creative Web2Print Solution for an online British Magazine

COVERDUDE believes there´s a bit of celebrity in everyone. And they wanted a solution to unleash that hidden persona.

A creative adventure for the netizens, who get to explore their creative side, by striking a star appeal on their own photographs; a features-packed online creative canvass lets them design their custom magazine covers; finally they can seek to flaunt this stardom on social media or choose to buy designs online

The Client

Coverdude. A fresh and happening online concept magazine from UK. Coverdude introduced a rage among Gen Y; a facility that lets them feed their appetite for earning a slice of celebrity glory by allowing them to create fake custom magazine covers, with their photograph. While the online users were looting fun, Coverdude chose to enhance the reach and utility of this application, by automating it with a slew of design presets, print options and very importantly, an opportunity to connect on social media.

The (creative) crux of the matter

Having a nexus to various social media platforms was a clever thought up Coverdude´s sleeve. The advent of social media set a new precedence for the way ideas could be imagined on the internet. This radically changed the way the world used to connect. Social media has morphed people communications and suddenly the internet has become much more expressive. It´s a one-on-one, Word of Mouth phenomenon. The expression holds the key. It is this lucrative opportunity Coverdude wanted to leverage, of course, with a host of other creative attributes.

Coverdude asked Radixweb to prepare a platform from ground up, which forms into a creative addiction and an engaging tool for social media platforms. A web adventure where people can come to celebrate their individuality; by imagining a fun that reflects their aspirations; and then get to share this star appeal over social media platforms. Coverdude wished for an array of features, having immense scope for customization and creative liberty.

The requirements included:

  • Choice for the users to make their own magazine covers
  • Integration of magazine covers with social media platforms
  • Facility for buying / ordering the magazine covers online
  • Opportunity for site visitors to browse the creations designed by the users
  • Design presets / templates creation and control for the administrator
  • A feature-rich user-account having sections like Portfolio, Order History and the like
  • Opportunity for setting up Google Ads
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly platform

The Solution:

Radixweb thoroughly analyzed the entire concept to design and develop the website keeping in mind the business needs as well as the creative gist of designing custom magazine covers for Coverdude.

The solution offered the following key features:

  • A vast canvass of design creativity using predefined fake magazine covers
  • A host of cover editing and customization features like shrinking, zooming, scaling, positioning and updating text using our flash designer tool
  • Integration of covers with social networking sites like Facebook, Yahoo, MySpace, Picaso, etc.
  • Opportunity to embed and share the cover link in social networking sites
  • A convenient account management system for users to manage the portfolio and order details
  • A section named ´Recent Creation´ lets users browse through the freshly uploaded content
  • PDF generation for viewing, downloading and printing
  • SEO-friendly website, in sync with the client´s web promotion goals over search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Comprehensive Admin control facilitated with a Content Management System for managing design templates, orders, customers´ details and various types of content using the (CMS)
  • The administrator can also manage content likes title, keywords and metatags dynamically for the pages available in the front side

A starry ending indeed

Coverdude got a slick and a simple to use customized design studio, which lets its online consumers make personalized fake magazine covers and order prints. A creative platform for one and all. A mature entertainment and networking resource with oodles of joy.

Everyday hundreds of users use Coverdude´s customized designer studio solution, to picture themselves in the aspirations they long for; someone turns a Super model, while someone might pose like a business tycoon; and finally they share their celebrity pomp with great excitement. On the other hand, for Coverdude, it´s indeed a very good commerce; offered to an ardent community of netizens as an easy-to-use fun and a good buy too.