Give Your Business A Makeover With Web To Print


Printing industry is not the same anymore. The sector has experienced radical paradigm shifts with several big online print firms coming into the picture. However, the most eyeball-grabbing breakthrough has been the advent of web enabled print processes also known as web to print solutions. The solutions have revolutionized the way print industry operated in the past.

The Client

The client, Business Card Express, is a trusted name in the printing industry of Australia with an experience of over 60 years. Business Card Express has been catering to the printing needs of corporate, small business enterprises as well as individuals offering them a bouquet of products like business cards, letter heads, envelopes, etc. However, being a proactive member of the print industry, the client decided to adopt a web based print solution that could automate some of the processes and deliver value.

Broad Set of Aspirations

The client, being a veteran in the printing domain, had a lot of legacy systems and manual systems. However, with changing times he wanted his business processes to undergo a change. He was looking for a web-enabled system that was capable of showcasing his print media offerings and that allowed his customers to place their orders online. He wanted the system to allow his customers to design their own products from scratch or use a given template and customize it. He also visualized the system to have a payment gateway and operate as an e-commerce portal.


The Radix team undertook a detailed study of the business scenario of the client and analyzed his needs thoroughly in order to determine an approach. His business objective was to expand his target market by addressing customers online. We first of all understood his existing system and the limitations of the existing system. It was clear that the client had manual processes in place that required automation. However, that was not all. What our client had in mind was a mere shadow of a complex system that involved multiple access rights, modules, management systems, functionalities etc. A bird’s eye view of the entire project revealed that the requirements of the solution were pretty complex and exhaustive. We decided to divide the requirements into two broad categories – Front End Users and Administrator.

Requirements of Front End User Side

The following were identified to be the requirements of the front end user side of the solution:

  • The solution should allow the users to choose an existing template and customize it.
  • The users should be able to design their own product from scratch.
  • The solution should enable the users to place their order online.
  • The solution should have a shopping cart facility.
  • The solution should integrate a payment gateway to enable online payment.
  • The user should be able to view his account details like order history, quantity ordered, etc.
  • The solution should enable the user to maintain his portfolio.

Requirements of Administrator

  • The administrator should have the total control of the website.
  • He should have a comprehensive Product Management System to manage the various product categories.
  • He should have a Template Management System that would allow him to upload and manage templates on the website.
  • The solution should provide him an Image Management System that would let him upload images and maintain galleries.
  • He should have a User Management System that would let him provide access rights to users and maintain customer profiles with pertaining details.
  • He needs an Order Management System that would help him streamline the order processing.
  • The solution should have a Payment Management System that integrates a number of payment gateways.
  • The solution should provide content management to the administrator.
  • The solution should also grant Coupon Management and Newsletter Management to the admin of the site.

The Final Solution

The entire project was creatively engaging for the Radix team. We were required to design a complex solution that had various modules that addressed the business needs of the client. We take great pride in what we have delivered as the final solution. Following are the features of the solution:

  • The solution offers different access levels for users, sub-administrators and the administrator.
  • Each access level has some common and some different set of functionalities.
  • The solution has a product management system that lists products and divides them into categories.
  • The solution comes with a template management system that offers a large number of templates for the customer to choose from.
  • The solution allows the admin to add templates or segregate them based on industry, style, etc.
  • The inbuilt Designer Studio has features like shape toolbox, property window, various fonts, image gallery, etc that can enable the users to either customize the pre-existing templates or design a product from scratch.
  • The solution has a price calculator embedded for users to estimate the price of their orders.
  • The solution provides a comprehensive customer portal that maintains details about customer profile, account, order, portfolio, images etc.
  • The solution has a payment gateway integrated.
  • The solution has a comprehensive content management system in place complemented by coupon management and newsletter management system.
  • The admin has complete control and can manage and monitor the entire system.

Process Flow


Proud Achievements

Although we are proud of the solution as a whole, there are a certain features that we consider to be the star features of the system. These special features are:

  • User friendly custom Designer Studio with CMYK color scheme.
  • Pre-populated business ready catalogues.
  • Large number of pre-designed templates.
  • Impressive customization capacity.
  • Advanced content management system.
  • Enhanced SEO management.

A Successful Finish

Today Business Card Express is fully operational with our solution, exploring new business frontiers. The automated processes have helped our client improve the efficiency of business operations. Business Card Express has leapfrogged its competitors and is delivering enhanced customer experience. All in all, it was an ideal finish to an interesting client engagement.