Web Application Development In PHP and RoR

1. Exclusive Healthcare Insurance

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Exclusive Healthcare SA is a French Company, specialising in Health Insurance for the English speaking residents of France as well as those visiting from the UK on short term visits. Developed dynamic website with database for Insurance business.fully automated and integrated policy processing system includes document management, policy management, renewal, accounting, agent, user and content mangement.

Tools and Technology : PHP,pgSQL,HTML,CSS,JavaScript,DHTML

Industry Served : Healthcare Insurance

Case Study : Web Based Insurance Policy Sales and Management System

2. Zimdays

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Vertical portal for zimbabweans across the world today serving over 40000 memebers was built & upgraded as well organized system. Members, Finance, Marketing, Content, Pictures, Gifts, Subscription,Internal messanging,Live Chat was developed and deliverd with multi user environment heaving different access rights.Worldpay was integrated for Online payment.

Tools and Technology : PHP,MySQL,Html,CSS,JavaScript,DHTML,Flash

Industry Served : Online Community

Case Study : Virtual/Online Community Portal Solution

3. Simple Patent

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Developed website which provides the service of patent search to Inventor with the aim to conduct quicker research with class and keyword search at US patents & Trademark office in Alexendria, VA. Website includes custom online order management, workflow management with cms.

Tools and Technology : PHP,MySQL,HtML,CSS,Java Script,DHTML

Industry Served : Business Services & Consulting

Case Study : Simple Patent Website Solution

4. Local Daily Discounts

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LocalDailyDiscounts.com is online discount coupon service provider for US. Developed custom CMS and coupen management system for client. Offers printable coupen for end user and coupen management interface for business. Back end interface to manage website.

Tools and Technology : PHP,MySQL,HtML,CSS,Java Script,DHTML

Industry Served : Business Services & Marketing