Developing Web and Windows Application For Music

The Client

OnPoint Creations is a Sydney-based web development company specializing in website design and marketing. The project intends to help OnPoint Creation´s end client (Curves Music) which runs a gymnasium forum. Radixweb worked as a third party solution provider for Curves Music.


The company wants Radixweb to divide the application into web and Windows applications. Web application allows management of users, songs, playlist etc. Desktop application downloads songs on local system. Web application saves songs in encrypted format. At the time of playing, users can decrypt and play the songs. After playback, the system deletes the decrypted songs. Users can download the Windows application from the website. They can also request songs or contact the administrator.


Radixweb developed the application so that members of this website only can download songs and new customers need to sign up, if they are not registered. Customers sign up if they are not registered. If users are already registered, they can log in to their account and download the application. Admin logs in to the application and approves/rejects the user signup. Users can download the application after login.

The application once downloaded needs installation after which it will ask for login on desktop application. Once users log in, the application starts downloading songs from web server. Songs are in encrypted form in the server. When users open playlist and start playing, they can decrypt and playback the songs. Cue Track plays at regular interval as defined in web application. Admin can log in to web application and add/edit/delete/deactivate/activate songs/user/playlist/adverts from there.


The main purpose of application is to distribute songs and cue tracks amongst all Curves Music franchise locations. Once uploaded on web server, it is possible to download the songs on Windows application on next start or external request for sync.

At the time of song sync up with server, the application also downloads cue track, which plays overlapping with the actual song.

It is possible to use cue tracks as move change track or instruction track, or while in commercial use, it can be fine-tuned to use it as an advertisement.

Web application makes it easy for the administrator to upload songs from a single place and distribute it amongst all franchise within minutes.

Desktop application downloads songs on local system, which reduces the bandwidth consumption by downloading the songs for once and playing them as many numbers of times as wished.