Wage Protection Insurance Management System

The Client

National Members Alliance, Inc. is an innovative online community that endeavors to offer working Americans an opportunity to achieve greater financial well being. It offers RESCUECHECKSTM, a wage and paycheck protection plan to its members that kicks in during layoff. RESCUECHECKSTM is a plan permitted by the United States government and the benefit payments from this plan are in addition to the state unemployment checks. The plan is a laudable effort geared towards ‘Protecting America’s Future One Paycheck At A Time’.


Insurance/Social Community

Area of Operations

United States of America


Eligible members of the RESCUECHECKS© WAGE PROTECTION PLAN receive benefit payments, over and above the state unemployment checks, when laid off from work.


The RescueChecks community is a noble support system that understands how getting laid off can impact a person’s life. They understood the strain of an average hard working American who was highly aware that he might be just one or two paychecks away from a layoff. So they developed their wage protection plan which ensured a $500, $1000 or even $1500 per month of benefit level. They were looking for a solution that would help them with the following:

  • The solution should effectively manage the protection plan.
  • It should be able to manage the membership and the claims arising in their system.
  • The solution should also enable the members to pay their monthly contributions online.
  • They wanted the solution to maintain reports of the benefits paid.


The Radix team realized that the client was an innovative group and his business model had to be properly understood before developing any kind of solution. The team carefully studied the various business aspects of the client and identified his primary business needs. We also analyzed the existing system as well as the limitations of the existing system. The following facts were established during the analysis and study:

Target Audience

Members of the plan were the client’s current target audience.

Present System Audience

Members and Administrator were the two main system users.

Limitations Faced

Their current system was a traditional protection plan management module and lacked in complex functionalities like location and membership management coupled with plan management.

The Solution

The Radix team developed an appropriate solution that was based upon the client’s distinct business model and addressed the client’s problem areas. The team had divided the requirements of the solution into a set of modules and features were developed accordingly. The solution was developed to have three levels of access – members, visitors and admin. All the three levels had common as well as distinct sets of functionalities. The allocation of the right sets of functionalities for different user groups was done based upon a defined process. The final solution delivered the following to the client:

  • The solution manages and maintains records of all the eligible members in the system.
  • The members of the system can view and change their profile in the system.
  • The solution allows the members to make their installment payments online through an integrated payment gateway.
  • Members can view their payment history and plan details.
  • The solution allows new members to purchase a protection plan and enables old members to change their protection plan.
  • Members can raise a claim in the system as and when they get laid off.
  • The solution allows members to view their plan details, payment history, claims made and benefits paid out.
  • The solution allows for email management i.e. create emails and send out bulk emails.
  • The solution is also capable of generating and managing reports.

Star Features

Insurance Management System

As mentioned earlier, the client had a distinct business model that required certain special features over and above the conventional protection plan management functionalities. After great deliberations, we delivered the following set of additional functionalities that we term as our star features.

Location Management: This module allows the admin of the website to manage state, area, zip code details. It allows the admin to add, edit or even delete a certain location. The admin can also manage industry type from this module.

Member and Membership Management: This module lets the admin manage members and their membership. The module follows a simple registration process. The interested person has to fill in a registration details form and submit certain documents. The admin reviews these details and documents and decides on the eligibility before approving the membership. He can view the subscription log from this module and update it.

Content Management: The module allows the admin to manage the content of the static page of the website.

Plan Management: This module lets the admin manage different plans in the system. In case a member wants to change his plan, he has to put in a request that needs to be verified and approved by the admin.

Claims Management: This module allows the admin to verify the claims raised by the members and manage them.

A Flourishing Close

National Members Alliance is now operational with the Radix solution that was designed keeping in mind the needs of the end users of the system. Since the client operates as a social community providing its members insurance, most of the solution’s features have been designed that way. Today, RescueCheck is doing what large corporate houses have been doing for more than 60 years now – offering people wage protection from layoffs. We are proud of our association with them.

Process Overview

Process Overview