VMWare Server Support

VMWare virtualization enhances the efficiency of an organization by improving the availability of resources and applications of the organization. It allows you to safely run several operating systems and applications at the same time on a single computer, with each having access to the resources it needs when it needs them. Radixweb is a VMWare Registered Partner providing VMWare planning, deployment and management services. It offers the following:

  • Planning, preparation and installation of VMWare under Linux or Windows host operating systems
  • Creating and configuring virtual guest operating systems under VMWare 1, 2 or ESX/ESXi 4
  • Migrating VMWare 1 and 2 guests to ESX/ESXi 4
  • Migrating Windows Hyper-V guests to ESX/ESXi 4
  • Virtual network and Data Store management using iSCSI and NAS

Google Apps Hosted Support

Google Apps is a low-cost, reliable and secure messaging and collaboration solution for a business. Radixweb performs the entire setup of installing Google Apps for your domain. It involves the following:

  • Registering single or multiple domains with Google Apps
  • Setting up MX records and configuring mail server
  • Setting up CNAME entries and customizing email, calendar, document and spreadsheet URLs
  • Creating user accounts and migrating emails from Outlook
  • Configuring Google Apps email with local Outlook or Thunderbird accounts

cPanel, WHM, Webmin, Plesk Support

Radixweb also provides support and services for shared as well as dedicated CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu servers. Our services include:

  • cPanel and WHM accounts and sites management
  • Domain parking and DNS zone management
  • Webmail, FTP and Database account management
  • SSL certificates installation and management
  • Account transfer and configuration across different servers