Community Portal for Social Networking, Chat and Messaging in ASP.Net

The Client

V Max is the U.K. based company longing for a Community Portal for specially African Country. V Max extracts social concerns through networking, chat and messaging providing business sharing ideas with Administrator. The prime offer of V Max is to endow with varied business leading ideas to the customers at any point of time.

Challenges – Requirements

The client’s major requirements are:

  • User Profile Management
  • Auctions
  • Social Networking Chat
  • Social Networking Messaging
  • Business Lead
  • Advertisements

The Solution

Our solution rightly accomplishes the benefit of this client that creates a social awareness to carry various trade milestones. This concerned site contains certain basic modules like User Profile Management, Auction, Social networking, Advertisement, Business Lead, etc. with appropriate treaty.

User Profile Management

Users can be broadly categorized into Administrator, Golden Members and Normal Users. All users can access the features of the site according to their role. The basic features of the site are Manage/Edit User Profiles, Password protection/recovery, ID recovery, Upgrade Membership.


Auctions can be sorted out into forward auctions and reverse auctions. Users are able to post items for the auctions under various available categories. They can be provided the item image and description along with the biding details like minimum/maximum value, increment/decrement level, bid duration, bidder preferences, payment details, and shipping notes, return notes, etc while posting. Users are able to insert items for auction whatever they want to pay to V2Max.

Social Networking Chat

AJAX Chat control provides internal chat facility to the site Members as well as full control for Administrator.

Social Networking Messaging

All the registered members can send internal messages to each other within the site. Whenever an internal mail will be sent, a notification mail comes on the personal Email ID of the receiver instantly. This messaging system has basic email related features like Inbox, Sent, and Draft. Moreover, users are able to send attachments of predefined types and sizes limit with formatting through this messaging system.

Business Lead

All registered members are able to share their business ideas with Administrator. Administrator can view/search and approve/reject all the business ideas at any point of time.


A registered member is able to post his ad through this website. This ad can be posted for the predefined ad zones. The ad will be displayed on rotating basis on the selected zone for a specific period. The ad needs to be approved by the administrator before it is to be displayed in the respective zone. Users are able to change the ad banner after the payment made. Therefore, when the user processes the Payment mode, then the banner will be changed by the approval from admin.

Value Addition

  • Cutting-Edge – ASP AJAX 1.0: For creating more pleasant user experience and the "trendy" design style, this feature makes a site easier to navigate and read. Available for and compatible with most Web browsers (i.e. Mozilla, Firefox, Safari), Allows the modification of a part of a page without refreshing the whole page.
  • Testing Environment: Test the quick update at regular interval of periods at the time of Development Life Cycle before final Deployment.
  • Windows Service: An Automated Service Which removes the Advertisement from the zone of the Site according to the closing date. This Background Service has a facility to start by Manual as well as automated mode at the time of Windows Starting.
  • CSS 2.0: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are collections of formatting rules, which control the appearance of the content in a Web page. With CSS styles, you have great flexibility and control of the exact page appearance from precise positioning of the layout to specific fonts and styles.

Lessons Learnt Windows Service

VMAX Windows Service is the continuous process to Removing the Advertisement from the specific zone after completion of time interval for that advertisement. The service automates creates/Updates an XML File base to the database changes.