VB.Net Services

Visual Basic.Net or VB.Net is the advanced form of Microsoft’s Visual Basic. It is an object oriented computer language and shares a common language runtime with other languages. At Radix, we can develop web and desktop applications in VB.Net.

Radix is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. This means we have our expertise in .Net framework certified by none other than Microsoft. Our people are trained under Microsoft’s able guidance and have access to their development resources. We also have priority access to the latest software development kits (SDKs) released by Microsoft for VB.Net. This gives us competitive edge in application development for VB.Net.

We can develop applications with standard set of features in VB.Net within short span of time. But in addition to this, we can also develop a custom set of features and functionalities in VB.Net. We can develop custom features that are extensive and advanced in nature. We additionally develop custom features around a very strong and clear business logic. This improves the usability of the application and addresses typical business requirements. Some of the custom features developed by Radix include method overloading, free threading, structured exception handling, etc.

At Radix, we ensure that your applications have language interoperability, superior version support, and improved security. We provide a complete development lifecycle for an application that spans across stages of designing, developing, testing, implementing, and support. Additionally, we also develop applications with improved runtime, seamless workflow, and modular structure. We also make sure that we do not use redundant code in your application.

Radix VB.Net Service Offerings

  • VB.Net application development
  • VB.Net based software development
  • Migration of applications to and from VB.Net
  • VB.Net custom control development
  • VB.Net architecture and design evolution
  • Testing and debugging VB.Net applications
  • Deployment of VB.Net applications

Along with development, we also perform legacy system reengineering or application maintenance and upgrade for VB.Net.

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