Clients Testimonials


Here is what our client’s experience with Radix in their own words.

Spencer Liu (Faye Weng Real Estate, CA)

I found Radix on the internet almost four years ago when I was looking for an over seas web development team who is efficient, dedicated and takes pride in what they do.

After interviewing several firms in India and China, I decided to work with Radix because of their quick

responses, willingness to listen and deliver, and most importantly, their integrity in what they do.

This project to Redesign and re-launch would be my 3rd project with Radix. Not only Radix has been growing in terms of headcounts, they have also been improving their methods of communication to keep me informed at all times. I find all of Radix’s team members to be very easy to work with, they are professional, courteous, and willing to solve any problem as quickly as possible.

One other thing I really appreciated was the amount of time Radix was willing to spend with me to brainstorm on strategies and methods of execution even before the project started. It is only because of these pre-project discussions, I was able to get to know the individuals on the team, learn about the process of development, then finalize the scope and phases for this project. Having the luxury to engage in such conversations really helped radix, my client and myself to develop and agree on a clear vision and objectives, which I can now measure success against.

Radix has proven to me that working with someone I’ve never met isn’t a scaring thing anymore. Technologies like Instant Messaging and Skpye has bridge the physical gaps between where I am and India, and Radix’s team member’s fluent English sure makes it feel like we are literally collaborating next to each other with no difficulties.

Radix goes above and beyond for committed clients like myself. Radix not only believes in developing long term relationships with its clients, it also holds itself accountable for the final outcome of the project. Because of this committed attitude, I have been able to walk away with many successful projects, and I will continue to look for new projects to collaborate with Radix with.