Task Scheduling System For Production House

CP Manufacturing is a part of CP Group, a group of manu-facturing companies providing equipment for the recy-cling, scrap and waste industries, including a re-tail/wholesale metals business.

Geographical Area

Geographical Area

National City, CA (San Diego) United States of America.

Products and Services


Schedules and tracks of preventative maintenance tasks for machinery/equipment.

Products and Services

Objectives Identified

Business Strategy

The strategy to commence the project was to first of all understand the existing system, limitations of the existing system and identify the business needs and objectives. These needs and objectives will go hand in hand with the technology to deliver a user-friendly and productive solution.

Products and Services

Points of Parity

The system manages scheduled and unscheduled tasks for the company’s machinery.

  • It manages inventory like equipment and its related spare parts.
  • The inventory gets updated by newly placed orders and day to day scheduled task usage.
  • Frequency and time based tasks are scheduled to reduce material re-covery cost.
  • It also manages users with their wages to calculate maintenance cost of machinery.
  • It allows import functionality for scheduled task, equipment and spare parts.
  • It generates various reports like inventory status, spare part forecast-ing, order history etc.
  • Powerful search option for each implement module.

Points of Differentiation

There are other aspects which the business requires apart from task schedul-ing.

  • Equipment and Spare Parts Management – Admin can manage equipments and related spare parts with basic details like equip-ment/spare part type, basic rate, initial quantity, working types and weekly hours, reference video, document and videos.
  • User Management – Admin can manage roles and users with their basic details and wages.
  • Order Management – Admin can order spare parts and maintain their status as per goods delivery.
  • Reports – Admin can generate various reports like maintenance cost, inventory, spare part forecasting based on booked inventory, work order, order history, maintenance history, and task calendar which lists monthly task.
  • Data Importing – Admin can import excel sheets for equipment, spare parts and tasks.
  • Admin can schedule and assign tasks to different users as per their roles and duties.
  • The User can update task status as per his assigned work status and on completion of the task the inventory gets updated.

Understanding the Needs of the Business

  • First step towards understanding the need is to understand the exist-ing scenario and finding out the appropriate solution for it.
  • Radix team of experts understands the client’s business and problem areas and analyses the entire system to understand the core of the requirement.
  • Module wise features are identified to accomplish the objectives.
  • Client’s thoughts and vision are matched to the points of parity and differentiation.
  • Here, the system will cover the functionalities of Inventory Manage-ment, Task Management, User Management, Spare Parts Location Management and Reports Generation.
  • Different levels of access have been created for different users like Technician, MRF Manager, Guest and the Super User.
  • Each level of access has common as well as different sets of functio-nalities.
  • Different views have been created as per the users.
  • A systematic process has been defined to meet all the requirements and allocation of right functionalities to the respective set of end us-ers.
  • The entire system will be managed and monitored by the administra-tor.

Understanding the Target Segment and Its Needs

  • The system is designed keeping in mind the needs of the target seg-ment i.e. the end users.
  • It is also designed on the basis of day to day machine recovery facili-ties provided by the CP Group.
  • The system gives a lot of importance to inventory, task and data im-porting so that reports related to machine maintenance cost, task ca-lendar and inventory management are defined in standardized for-mats.