Dedicated Developers and Programmers as ODC – Offshore Development Center


Client is in to the development of specialized systems software in niche market. Since years of consistent development with high grade enterprise solutions for different industries are carried out by our perseverance therefore we are the right choice for the client.

The challenge

The Client really had a concern over the security of the data regarding the maintenance of the quality on the development and deliverance on time where some of the major concerns like the cost and of course the management of the staff assigned for the project.

An array of projects that needs complex skills in C, C++ and good understanding of windows operating systems from 98 and till Vista or the 64 bit applications as a modest requirement. .

While our initial discussions focused more on the solution needed for bringing forth their existing and functional solutions in to the future i.e. 64 bit operating system, the real aspiration was to benefit from the cost savings and eventually making the team in India to share some of their loads.

The Solution

We provide them with the option to hire our resources on ‘Time & Resource’ basis, under the contract we would depute full time developers and assist them with all kinds of technical support from our senior management. The other options include ‘ODC – Offshore Development Center’ and ODC with ‘Build Operate Transfer’.

The Client had opted for us to setup a dedicated “Offshore Development Center” for them.

The project management happens from the Client’s office and all the Project Managers operate from the Client divisions and most of them have never put their foot in India.

It is the beginning of the process which would later on to be considered in parallel with Change Management.

The senior team provides approximately a man-week of free support to the team working in the office for the client while the developers took ideas and understanding of the project on a regular basis from the Project Managers in Client’s country. Their main support is to come from Technical Head of Radix.

In order to ensure the smoothness in project coordination an experienced project coordinator has been appointed for the task. Though the technical communicator works only part time between the teams but the objective of having a proper and smoother communication is always unwavering.

Technical Supremacy

As the project execution is in turn then the management from the elite core of both Radix and Client and the developers themselves are better off cadre in C, C++ programming, combined experience, knowledge and efforts. Client is now supposed to leverage up on a new level of technical superiority in the market.


The pricing offered to Client is very competitive and involved the salary and operational cost of Radix and the payments again has to be made on the month end. Project execution calls for collective skills much in demand is that of developing skills, analytical skills and important among them as quality control aspects.

Single resource would be able to carry out all of the demands; however task bifurcation is imminent demand. Or else the efficient output of the resources could not be maintained.

Maintaining Quality and Efficient Output

In order to manage the demands while maintaining efficiency and quality the project ‘Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)’ is created with clear set of ‘Roles & Responsibilities’ identified and escalation matrix drafted out.

Cost Benefits

Such procedures go on to help Client utilize same set of resources in a clearly productive manner with least of hassles that would have otherwise call for the additional resource hiring. Therefore client achieved significant cost savings even while outsourcing the project, and building the dedicated ‘Offshore Development Center’.

Build Operate & Transfer

Based on the success of such contracts this setup can eventually migrate to BOT and a company to mirror development operations in India.

For more details, please read the case study of ‘Mobile Internet India Limited’.