Supply Chain Management and Ecommerce System

The Client

The client is a big dealer of sport products in the USA and has specialization in sport accessories. They want to launch an e-commerce application that can be used by all sport persons and clubs across the USA for their sport products requirements.


Some of the features of this e-commerce System are:

  • Product catalogue.
  • Shopping cart.
  • Events.
  • Refund and Return for orders .
  • Rent orders
  • Use Coupons
  • Sending emails to admin within the system
  • Shopping for membership of clubs, calendar activities and accessories
  • Online payment, shipping rates and checkout for orders

Some of the features of the web store administrator:

  • Customer management
  • Product and Category – sub category management
  • Posting of bulk orders
  • Generate Return Request of Ordered Product
  • Event monument
  • Account management
  • Calendar activity management

Some of the features of the Site Administrator:

  • Multiple web stores creation and management with possibilities to create and manage “n” numbers of web stores under one-web stores (Creation and management for chain of web stores, import products data from other store at the time of creation, apply different templates.)
  • Full product order life cycle management with different stages of order (order receiving to shipping)
  • Rental Management (Customer can take the product on rent by paying some deposit amount which would be refundable.)
  • Return management (Customer can get refund or get credit or exchange product with other products. Also, admin can reject customer’s request of return.)
  • Coupon Management
  • Video Management (Admin can add video from YouTube)
  • Fully integrated UPS shipping and tracking for orders
  • Inventory management with respect to vendors
  • Product and Category – Sub category management
  • Sales management
  • Account management
  • Emails and internal message management (Admin can manage mail template from site admin area)
  • User rights management

The Solution

A supply chain management and e-commerce solution with multi stores having the facility to create each store with a different administration site.

Sport club customers can order products in bulk to their coaches then their coaches can send order for whole team to the Admin. General customers can also order products through different sub-websites of the store. Customer can use coupons to get discounts on order amount.

Customers can also send, return or refund request in case of damage or size variation. Admin can handle order request by stages of order like in shipping, in packing, etc.

Customers can also order products on rent. When customers return product back then deposited amount will be credited to customer’s account. If the customer will not return the product in the rented timeline then the deposited amount become lapsed.

Along with sport products and accessories, customers can register for sport club membership, sport events, calendar events, passes for sport activities.

Online payment facility is with instant checkout.

User-friendly interface for administrator to create products with attributes under one or multiple categories and then assignment of those products to web stores. Admin can also assign multiple prices to product depend on quantity range and attributes.

User-friendly interface to create and manage web stores; import products data and static information like privacy policy, contact us, terms and conditions, etc from other store´s information.

Admin can manage inventory that can generate accounting statements like invoice and credit statements.

Admin can create and manage different coupons.

Admin can manage the order in different stages of printing (logo and label), shipping, invoices, etc and can modify the order request, create new order. They can track the order once they have UPS tracking number. Admin can also cancel order. Admin can request for return ordered product on behalf of customers and process the request.

Generation of sales report by applying various filters; also generate shipping report, transaction report, and capture report. Admin can print report, export selected data from generated report and this exported data file will be used in mediator tool that would be used communicate directly with QuickBooks Software (Accounting Software).

Web store admin can pay for multiple invoices and if the payment is more, then they will get credit in to their account. F2R admin can adjust any credit of customer against the pending invoices. Shipping charges can be calculated through UPS site online.

Major Achievement

  • Generation and Management of multiple web stores with multiple levels of sub stores for each store
  • Full product order life cycle management (Receiving to shipping and completion)
  • Integrated product Inventory management
  • Easy to manage administration panel for each web stores, products, orders, rental orders, return requests, sales, inventory, vendors
  • Manage multiple prices for a single product differs from quantity range and attributes
  • Manage Return Request by stages and also manage Rental order request by stages
  • Fully integrated UPS shipping and tracking for orders