Custom Solutions for Source Control Management with SVN

A Unique Source Control System of Radix

  • We have 65+ developers working full time under 10 project managers, at times project works are collaborated among the project managers to have further skill and knowledge sharing.
  • The development done for the same project by different coders needs consistent and reliable tracking. Thus efficient results based on the team work are realized.
  • A supply chain application such as has a database design running “180 pages”, while a dynamic insurance industry application such as has over “half a million lines of codes” written for key sections alone.
  • This system should be easy to implement for that check-in and check-out are done instantly and easily with the author and the time of logged in should be recorded to the system.
  • It is being further important for us to have this system because many of the clients have been employed or hired developers to develop applications on “Time Resource” contract models.
  • Under the contract models of this system developers work solely based on the business rules described by clients who often non-technical and would alter the system configurations inadvertently; thus compromising hours of development can be afforded.
  • The developers also run the risk of having to revert to older versions of the code.
  • Likewise, the maintenance of the System Configuration of the version control system is much in demand as it becomes an integral part of “Software Configuration Management” protocols.


Source code Explanation at Radix

  • We use a Sub Version based source code revision control system.
  • We have resorted to developing an Apache module based on WebDav for subversion which gives access of subversion through HTTP.
  • We have also developed windows services which give access to subversion through SVN Protocol.
  • We have developed a tunnel which authenticates users of windows domain, with current login on system for better security and single authentication across our environment along with this present module.
  • The version control has a Web interface that allows the designated users to assign permission on files and directories while functioning as a team. Database can be used for MySQL functions of storing and managing data respectively.
  • This system can automatically checkout for latest copy of code to the web server and it can track versions of codes whenever the changes take place.
  • It is deployed locally over the LAN and the functional and implemental codes are not over written; in the meantime it is also able to prevent accidental modifications in codes and files simultaneously by different users.

Observed Benefits

  • System automation helps to get easy implement of standard Software Development Procedures even among trainee developers.
  • Reduces risks and saves efforts particularly with clients prone to seeking changes in an iterative fashion.
  • Software configuration is active though it is managed indirectly on real time basis.
  • Maximum Team output and efficient curbing of rework is being achieved.
  • Multiple versions
  • Restricts convert access to some files to maintain data consistency.
  • Roll back system
  • Time based snap shot of the system
  • Data back up


By implementing Source Control System we not only maintain open control of our development, but also ensure credible solutions to our clients.