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Radix has been emerged as a quick growing IT company from Ahmedabad, India, with multifaceted opportunities to its overseas clients. From the recent success stories of Radix that have been garlanded by its clients with the satisfactory node, can be derived as one of the fastest growing companies of Ahmedabad, India. With the same name in the history of Radix’s success, Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software Solutions have been modified in a better manner for the clients providing the utmost facility as per the terms of the business. SCM aims to increase sales, reduce costs and make full use of assets by streamlining the interaction and communication of all participants along with the supply chain. SCM includes Managing Business process, information flow, information processing and closing the loop between raw materials and finish goods.

Organizations now have to manage efficiently these supply chains. Any mishaps lead to losses. A supply chain management tool utilizes technology to allow you to manage the supply chains. It allows better utilization of resources and improved operational effectiveness.

Radix SCM solutions provide you the best tool for your SCM implementation. These tools developed using the latest cutting-edge technologies coupled with domain knowledge allow you to improve the working of your supply chains.

Key Elements of A Manufacturing and Distribution System

  • Production and distribution related data sharing among departments within the company and suppliers
  • Inventory of Products, raw materials and consumables used in manufacturing
  • Manufacturing, resource planning and resource availability
  • Distribution and warehouse management


  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Support
  • Account Management

Supply Chain Management and Ecommerce System

The client is a big dealer of sport products in the USA and has specialization in sport accessories. They want to launch an e-commerce application that can be used by all sport persons and clubs across the USA for their sport products requirements.

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