Performing Arts School Management System

The Client

“Brightstars” is Australia’s best known names in the field of performing arts for children aged 3 to 17 years. A leading performing arts academy with several locations, Brightstars specializes in providing classroom sessions in acting, singing and dancing. Having specialized trainers for the various tailored programmes, the academy fosters development of self-esteem, confidence and communication skills in their students.


Education/Performing Arts

Area of Operations



Training courses for acting, singing and dancing.


The client had a pretty clear idea about what they were looking for in the new system. Broadly speaking, they wanted a system that could help students search for classes near their region. But the more specific demands were:

  • They wanted a system that could effectively manage the students in the system.
  • They wanted the system to hand out class and schedule details to the students.
  • The system should be able to control the activities of the students and the bookings made by them.
  • They wanted the system to be extensive in terms of employee management that would include attendance and payroll management, class and schedule monitoring, location and venue management.
  • The wanted the system to integrate Google Maps.
  • They also wanted the system to integrate Google Charts for better visual reports.


Before commencing the project, the Radix team carefully and microscopically analyzed the client’s business objectives and his needs. A detailed study was done of the existing system and the limitations of the existing system. The following facts were established during this analysis and study:

Target Audience

Students were the client’s target audience.

System Audience

Students, teachers, principal, and administrator.

Limitations of Existing System

  • The existing system lacked in data relationship between the students making online bookings and student information in the Brightstars CRM.
  • The existing system had no control over booking eligibility.
  • The system did not prevent concurrent bookings resulting in duplicity of bookings.

The Solution

School Management System

The Radix team developed an appropriate solution based on its understanding of the client’s business, the problem areas and the limitations of the old system. Module wise features were identified and developed to accomplish the objectives set forth. The solution was designed to have different levels of access for different users like students, principal and teachers, staff and the administrator. Each level of access has common as well as different sets of functionalities. The solution also has different views as per the user with each view having features that meet the needs of that user group. A systematic process is defined for allocation of the right functionalities to the respective set of users. The final solution delivers the following to the client:

  • The solution manages and maintains records of all the students in the system.
  • It facilitates the students with course details, schedules and availability.
  • It manages the course bookings made by the students and maintains the schedule for the same.
  • It enables the students to view their booking as on waiting list or unavailable. In case of confirmed booking, it hands out a confirmation.
  • It allows the students to view and maintain their timesheet.
  • It enables the students to search for venues near their location.
  • The solution manages class details and allocation coupled with location and venue management.
  • The solution is capable of creating new schedules and adding terms to them.
  • It allows email management, which essentially means creating emails and sending out bulk emails.
  • The solution has the capability to view and manage reports.
  • The solution also has a comprehensive employee management module as well as a list of holidays.
  • The solution monitors flow of valid information throughout the system by doing redundancy checks.
  • The solution is integrated with Google Maps and Google Charts.
  • The entire solution is managed and monitored by a central administrator.

Star Features

Bright Star

The requirements of the clients were such that the solution that we designed carried certain additional features over and above the traditional students, class and schedule management system. These are what we call our star features. These star features of the solution are:

Room Management: This module allows the admin to keep track of all the rooms available in the venue and allocate them for a particular duration. He can view and set the availability of the room.

Employee Management: This module allows the admin to maintain details of all the employees like principal and teachers. He maintains daily employee attendance and leave details through this module. The module also generates payroll report based on these attendance details.

Schedule Management: This module allows the admin to view the classes that are overbooked and under-booked. He can view statewide booking graph and send out notifications on class details and rooms allocated to teachers.

A Successful Finish

Brightstars is today fully operational with our new solution and is rolling out successful training programs for the kids. The solution has helped them streamline a lot of their processes and has allowed them to make optimum utilization of their resources. The students have benefited from being able to get the right information at the right time.