Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Design and RIA Development Services

Our experts of RIA can do more attractive projects for your business. We do work on JavaScript, DHTML & Ajax with PHP, Ruby on Rails Framework, Macromedia Flash/Flex and OpenLaszlo Platform. We have exemplified our skills in Rich Internet Applications therefore; you will get technology experts RIA professionals with us in a cost effective manner.

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) is a web application that has the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications. RIA typically transfers the processing necessary for user interface to web client but keeps the bulk of data (i.e. maintaining state of the program, the data etc) back on application server.

The variety of tools have been developed to address general problems of rich internet applications. The most common is Macromedia Flash ™ and Macromedia Flex™, a development kit for creating flash-based applications. Flash and Flex can also be an excellent way to create handheld applications and device management interfaces.

RIA technologies such as Macromedia Flex, OpenLaszlo and Asynchronous Java and XML (AJAX) are used by Radix to develop cutting-edge integrated Web solutions that deliver your expected results.

Our RIAs Methods

Rich Internet Applications increase usability and interaction, delivering a better experience to your audience.