Report Generation Tool for ERP Database

The Client

Business Schema Trading Establishment

Client Description

Business Schema Trading Establishment (BST) delivers innovative small to medium IT solutions that answer customers´ business changes today and empower them for greater success tomorrow.


Client had given one database of their existing ERP project, which already contains thousand of records. Radixweb need to generate reports bases on their requirements. To equip clients with skilled personnel who can meet the client expectation and requirements, to provide with best of the operational environment to allow the clients of Radixweb and the hired personnel to interact with each, work cohesively towards meeting their targets and requirements.


Radixweb generate Client Reports with Drilldown & Sub-Report Functionality, Business Reports, Server based Reports, Graphical Reports and support Multi Language, and reduce the response time while retrieving the records.

Basic Features are as Follows:

  • Generate Reports from ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Project Database
  • Reduce the response time and improve the performance while recovering the records
  • Generate Server as well as Client base Reports with Sub-Report and Drilldown Functionality
  • Support Multi Language
  • Generate Graphical Reports
  • Create different Business Reports like ‘Slow Moving Items’, ‘Profile Loss’, ‘Fanatical Report’, ‘Remaindering Report’, ‘Hour Due Report’, etc