Real Estate Portal, Classifieds Website Developed for Buy / Sell Property

The Client

Our client wanted to develop the site for real estate sellers or agents for placing online classified of their property for sale or rent by allowing them to take free account or paid account.


Some of the features were expected in the site:

  • Menu driven site navigation.
  • Sample page of ‘active example classified’ to remain available all the time for demonstration purpose to attract the property agents.
  • Sub domain to be created on the fly with personalized template and color theme based on the configurations set at the agent sign up process.
  • Agent signup in multiple stages to be followed 1) Login account information 2) Company information 3) Personalized sub domain configuration information. 4) Standard text or contents information.
  • Free agent account can be signed up with a validity of limited period of days and limited functionality. Account can be upgraded as paid account anytime if the account is about to expire or the account is free trial account.
  • For free trial membership the classified remains online only until predefined number of days and thereafter the classified gets no more displayed. Sub domain gets deactivated after the limit of valid days gets expired. Trial account can be renewed as paid account by making online payment via paypal. With little more additional payment in paid membership, the property gets displayed on the promotional area of the website at the top of each webpage.
  • Personalized website account accessed after login wherein from the personal information can be updated. Photo/Video gallery of the property can be set up by seller/agent along with their property information. Account can be renewed by paying the amount after the account is expired. Within an activated account unlimited number of properties can be posted. Property on the website that is of our interest or liking can be marked as favorite.
  • Property can be added in stage wise 1) Property location 2) Description of your property 3) Facilities 4) Customized text for the property 5) Confirmation details.
  • Commissions either in Percentage or flat amount can be set up for the property by actual sellers or agents for the other agent or mediator who can help in selling the property on behalf of the actual owner sellers or agents. This functionality to be promoted by allowing the other agents to mark such properties (having commissions offered) to get listed in their own sub domain by making use of the option made available for the same, thereby increasing the possibility of sale of the property by getting the advantage of commissions offered.
  • Searching the property based on property reference number, type of property, province, Costa, and radius kms away from a place, asked price range. The interested property can be printed online with the relevant useful information or can be forwarded to the friend.
  • Contacting the sellers or agents directly from the website for the property by the interested party.
  • Search engine friendly website urls.

Some of the features were expected as Site Administrator

  • create the webpage using decision making option like marking the page type as main webpage (node) or child webpage (node) following the tree structure, option to include or exclude it being displayed in menu, option to assign the access granting for different roles for the page, option to set the display of the page to be made available directly or only available after login.
  • Setting for each webpage the heading, page body texts, messages and the form captions to display in multiple languages.
  • Assignment of User to the group.
  • User list with newly signed up user distinctly highlighted in the user list.
  • Access to each property data posted on the website.

The Solution

Site is designed with simplicity hiding the complexity behind it. Customers can choose the various search criteria made available to find the property and view their details with photographs and videos. Customers can apply criteria to search property such as reference number, type of property, province, Costa, and radius kms away from a place, ask price range. The complete process of making the search and contacting the sellers or agents is very much user friendly.

Site allows the option of free trial membership for limited number of days for the agents to get the experience of the functionality made available in the site. The agents get the provision to set up their own sub domain by the name they want and the template and color theme that they want as a part of their registration or sign up process. The sub domain gets deactivated after their membership valid days expire which has to be renewed by making payment to enable their property listing on the website. Free membership account can be upgraded any time to the paid membership account.

The option of paid membership is available until the validity of membership agent can post their unlimited property by providing extensive property details along with their videos and photos. The paid membership can be taken by making the payment online via papal payment gateway.

The registered users can make use of their account after login for managing their personal profile details and the property details. Photo album and video album can be set up as a part of property information any information of the property can be modified along with the photographs or videos by the sellers or agents from their login account. Sellers or agents can get the inquiry of their property from the site when the site visitors choose the option of contact the sellers or agents.

Site visitor can save the property as their favorites. Sellers or agents can set commission either percentage or flat amount as an offer for other sellers, agent or mediator who help out in selling the property. Agent can get this list of sellers or agents from the website who have kept their property along with such commission offers and can choose that property to get displayed as their own listing within their own sub domain, thus the same property being displayed on many sub domains gets the maximum chance of getting it sold and the idea of commission can be thus promoted.

Details of back office management access include the listing of users’ registers by highlighting the recently registered users distinctly. Creating WebPages with options to make the page to display is in menu or to display as the sub page or main page along with user wise access control for accessing webpage. Powerful tree structure display of the entire website is to control the contents of any page. Manage the title tag from search engine optimization point of view along with the flexibility to manage the page body and heading or page format.

The Result

The result was achieved in a manner that was expected ultimately. The response from the customers’ point was outstanding and our client was able to make business as they expected at the time of proceeding for this work.

Major Achievement

  • Multilingual CMS. Single click required to view the same webpage content in any desired language.
  • Access controls defined on each webpage to get it accessed only from authorized user role.
  • Entire site developed from the point of view of tree structure of webpages to manage each page of the site easily and keeping flexibility in presenting the data in menus up to unlimited depth.
  • Subdomains created on the fly as per name given by the estate agents thereby giving personalized site to each estate agent along with personalized templates as part of configuration.
  • Paid Membership package made available along with free trial agent membership for limited period for placing the property online as classified for sale or for rent. Paid membership involves online payment using payment gateway ‘paypal’ (
  • Unlimited number of videos and photographs uploading ability for seller /agent thereby enabling them to sell their property with ease, atomized photo resizing done into three different sizes.
  • Easy procedure established to contact the property seller/agent regarding classified for the interested party.
  • Administrative functionality for controlling the contents of webpage, presentation format of the webpage, title tag control on each page for search engine optimization its access level , setting the page as login only page or publicly accessible for all.

Client’s Experience

  • “I needed services for Website & Script upgradation, though my site had massive size of 30+GB; the planned manner and presence of mind you guys displayed were wonderful. Now I am interested using your services for site maintenance and upgrades and will recommend your services with 5 star ranking.