Website Design & Developed for Real Estate Agent with MLS Integration

The Client

The Client is leading a Real Estate consultant in San Mateo, CA. Our Client is more than just a real estate agent. They are professional, patient, honest, committed, and caring. They maintain a trustworthy and friendly relationship with each of their customers.

Our Relationship

We are in the business strategy where we create and sustain long-term, profitable relationships with them. It can bring the meaning of understanding customers using quantitative and qualitative research, segmenting them and articulating positioning statements for each of the segments based on their expectations and contribution to profits. In other words, the traditional approach of making one-time sales is being replaced with making long-term commitments to customers.


Some of the features expected in the community portal were:

  • Bogs Section: Administrator should manage the contents of each blog from administrator panel
  • RSS feeds for News from Inman News
  • Comprehensive Meta Tags Management for each page
  • Eye Catching Virtual Galleries with Google Map Integration
  • MLS integration with IDX Core

Some of the features expected as Site Administrator

  • Blog Management
  • Virtual Tour Management
  • Meta Tag Management

The Solution

Radix believes a strong, stable and secure real estate is the answer to many problems that people face today. Therefore, we have found the Client, who is leading a Real Estate consultant in San Mateo dreaming to build homes, not just for a selected few but for everyone. Affordable homes built on strong foundations, to bring you closer to Nature, to happiness, and to yourself.

The solution we made to provide you all details for real estate. This solution of the web site has been integrated with MLS to get huge data base of properties.

Administrator creates the blog and those appear on front end of site, users can post their comments on each blog.

Each blog has separate individual page as well to acquire better attention in SEO.

Carried out submission in well known search engine and working on website optimization for better result in search engine.

Today our Client is leading a Real Estate consultant in San Mateo is one of the largest Property Organizations offering range of advisory services to its clients.

Major Achievement

  • Finely tuned contents and presentation.
  • Administrator Panel to manage the blogs, Virtual Galleries and Meta Tags of each page.
  • Site Optimization to reach targeted traffic through search engine.
  • MLS (IDX Core) integration.
  • RSS Feeds to load latest and fresh contents from well known feed Providers.