Quote Engine For Travel Insurance Company


Coversure Insurance Services is a group of Independent Insurance Intermediaries that provide insurance broking service utilizing competitively priced insurance products. The products offered by Coversure are backed by some of the world´s leading insurance providers, and they cover the full range of insurance needs, including cover for home, business, motor vehicle or travel.


The Company wanted Radixweb to provide Application Option to generate quote for Travel Insurance. Affiliates can login to the application and generate the quote using the application. It also provides option to perform post sales operations like, View Sales, Policy Management, Affiliate Management etc.


Radixweb provided basic flow of Broker logs in to the application and generates the quote for the customer property. They generate the quote and proceed with the user’s actual data. Once quote has been generated they can choose to add policy. Once the policy has been generated, they can choose to download and save policy letter. Once policy has been added to the system, administrator can manage the policy like view sales or cancel/complete/modify the policy details. Admin can also manage the affiliates and view their records.


The Quote Engine function allows the affiliates to generate quotation prices based on the types of party, destination, type of policy, age of the applying party (or parties) and the optional cover chosen in the relevant currency based on the country of residence.

The further steps ahead in the Quote Engine allow the users to fill personal information. If the users make to a request to affiliate, then policy documents are mailed to them.

The Policy Management/Admin Login allows the administrator to view/change the policy information. Policy Management also allows the Site Administrator to cancel or complete the selected policy.

View Sales/Admin Login option allows administrator to see the number of policies sold between the given time span. Affiliates can see the sales done by them during the given time period.

Under View Renewal/Admin Login, the system allows the administrator to send intimation mails to the Annual Trip and other customers for renewal of policy along with the rates for policy based on the client specific criteria.

Affiliate Management/Admin Login allows the administrator to create/change information/delete the policy/sales affiliates for the website.