Quality Assurance (QA) Services for Software and Web Applications

The incredible term of QA at Radix

The term quality assurance at Radix is very easy and cost-effective when you describe the process of enforcing quality control standards and working to improve the processes that are used in producing infrastructure and content.

Therefore, your search for cost-effective Quality Assurance with a variable QA resource pool from less than one full-time resource to many can be considered to our Outsourcing testing solution.

Radix offers combined technical solutions in many areas, the cliché market solutions need high level of reliability and optimal performance. Quality assurance department was established as step towards improving the service levels offered to our clients.

Development work whether it is done for software or embedded solutions, regardless of the written languages (such as C,C++ or VC++, or PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails) we have observed that the fundamental principles and objectives of testing remain the same.

Offshore Testing Center

Radix provides Offshore Testing Center where in you can outsource your software program testing works, you can hire dedicated staff member to conduct different types of testing.

We provide skills capable of activities such as Automated testing, Penetration Testing, Test Management, Performance Testing. Testing is performed under a specialist or expert supervision like wise on demanding case special skills can be hired for the project.

We have reviewed different testing procedures and have combined the ideal and practical aspects for our clients. We have adopted the framework as dictated in IEEE standards and progressively evolved the same to form our core testing strategies.

Radix’s skilled resources are pooled to form the dedicated testing center. It is composite of infrastructure with latest hardware, software, project management tools and communication setup.

We also follow the framework of BS7799 standards and keep it updated.

All staffs are provided with RFID cards to control access in and out of the premises.

Work flow based access controls are created such as only the authorized personal can view or modify or transfer the particular data.

The testing center operates at two full shifts covering 24 hours a day. It remains closed on week ends.

Quality Assurance and testing services has become one of main stream offering at Radix hence you feel free to contact us for further deal.