Offshore Project Management Methodology and Practices


Project Management is a vital system for the development and deliverance of a project to the clients up to the satisfactory level. It is an extreme skill of professional activity particularly for the IT field and we are no way lag behind to have this mastery. Our managers in this regards have extra-ordinary skills to handle any projects in a smooth manner. We understand that the client is in need, needs are not just for a solutions disguised as a software application that is readily available and deployed for the client to use them, but the real need is in getting the solution understood, implemented to solve their real world problems and evolve their own internal functioning, thus making an efficient growth and realize the return on investment.

Radix Project Managers are not only proficient in modern technologies and methodology, but understand the close tie between technology and business. All of them have passed extensive training in Project Management Practices and Techniques.

The Project is monitored very closely to ensure smooth and timely progress. Periodic code reviews, process reviews are conducted to provide high quality of deliverables to ensure client satisfaction. Variation/Change Requirement in the project is analyzed, discussed with the client and necessary corrective measures are derived and reflected in the project plan. Progress of the project is communicated to the client on a regular basis in the form of project status report.

Project Management Portal

Radix uses an integrated Project Management Portal (Online ACE Project Management Portal) for planning, monitoring, and controlling projects. The Radix Project Portal gives customers secure access to real-time information on their projects. The portal offers a set of standard collaboration tools: project planning, reporting, issue management, announcements and alerting, document sharing and more.

Bug/Issue Tracking

Radix uses bugzilla to track and record the bugs and issues to minimize the conflict and analyze the data for corrective steps for future.