Fixed Price Turnkey or Project Outsourcing

Our fixed time, fixed price project outsourcing model offers a low-risk option and can be used when the project scope and specifications are reasonably clear. In Fixed Price Turnkey model the customer pays a pre negotiated fixed amount with pre-define project scope. Fixed Price model is suitable, when the project requirements are clear and fixed so our technical team can estimate project execution effort fairly.

For projects which available with detailed specification, we gladely offer fixed cost and fix delivery date. We analyze our client’s requirements thoroughly in order to prevent further changes to the software requirements specification and develop an exact plan at a very detailed level.

Since almost every particular project requires an individual approach and it is rather difficult to work out a detailed plan with fixed cost and deadline, we always recommend a Dedicated Team Business Model or Time and Material Business Model which gives more freedom to our clients in project specification change

Other Project Outsourcing Model

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