Our Business Practices as Offshore Company

In concurrence with our proven implementation methodologies, our expert implementation consultants are there to guide you through every step of the execution of a successful implementation. By focusing on measurable objectives tailored to your business strategy, we can ensure implementation of your business systems will be executed as promptly and proficiently as possible.

Clarity, transparency and procedural cohesiveness are essential to any business undertaking, especially when it comes to the complicated tasks in software development outsourcing.

We believe that Radix′s clients have the absolute right to know and understand our processes, methodologies, and management techniques. In this section, we have gathered documents describing our practices of all kinds.

Radix is the specialist to customize the engagement model to work around the clients′ specific needs, customize project management and HR practices as per client business need.

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We view Customer Support as making sure your company has a dependable resource at all times to get the information and tools you need to run your business effectively. This is the essential foundation of the relationship between software user and software provider. As the industry leader in customer care, you can be sure that our support to the organizations is very much dedicated to maintaining that relationship above all else.

We invite your technical team and decision-making officers to have a glance at Radix – the company in Ahmedabad city. We plan to visit together; therefore, your representatives will have a feel of Radix. They can meet our team and see the premises. This is the perfect opportunity to explore each other’s business attitude and philosophy and meet the real people behind the great work.

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