Web Portal Development and Community Portal Solutions

Radix leverages technology & creativity to build interactive, dynamic, innovative & efficient web portal solutions for clients. Radix offers custom portal development solutions according to categorized needs of clients. It is our pride to provide you portal solutions as per your requirements. Web Portals are a dynamic and evolutionary platform for economic and social transformation. Web Portals are gateway into the Internet for many users.

We have a team of experienced professionals to build up robust and customized portal solutions with outstanding features and functionalities to meet your specific business needs. The concept of a portal, traditionally used for consumer portals, is now being applied to business users who are also consumers of information and services. Enterprise portals deliver information and application services to its various stakeholders. They act as intelligent agents to aggregate, transform and personalize content to empower users to perform their tasks productively with complete view of the contextual information.

Community Portal

We provide community portals featuring Content, Communication and Convergent.

E-Marketplace Portal

E-Marketplace Portal is based on Commercial, Collaborative and Convergent tactics.

Enterprise Portal

Enterprise Portal is proactive, customizable and extensible. Enterprise Portals has Universal Information Access.

Intranet Development

We provide the best intranet solution development at affordable cost. Our solution is compatible in this cutting edge competition. You will be benefited by our intranet solution as it is your company’s own private Internet. Radix has experts to make your selected portal solutions for your business aspects.

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