Poker Card Game Development In Asp.Net And VC++

The Project – Card Game

Card Game is essentially a Poker Game engine comprising of nine different forms of poker. The different games covered are:

  • Forty-Four
  • Little V
  • Low In Ski
  • Kick
  • Show
  • Bust-down
  • Follow The Queen
  • High-Low Split
  • Hold-em

Each game has its own logic managed by one common rule engine. It also includes the log and backup facility in case of network connectivity problems and some other issues. The client came to Radixweb to develop the requirements. We have to accomplish all transactions via the XML file, which can improve its performance rapidly.


  • This is a multi-player game available for the user to play poker online with other users across the globe.
  • It involves playing the games with virtual money as well as real money.
  • It has a strong rules engine, which thoroughly confines the players to play within the limits of the game and make sure there is a fair game play.
  • The server logs all user movements in order to review the same at later stages if needed.
  • Users are able to see and trace of all table related activities in the game interface.
  • Users have the ability to chat with all other users on the table, depicting the real environment of the game play.


The client wants Radixweb to develop Server-Client Poker Game, XML based communication channel and logging facility for backup.


  • We have built the game with rich user interface at the front end, supported by an affluent backend Game Engine.
  • The interface provides the user to select from defined tables and play game with the peers.
  • The backend provides a Game Engine, which has various features including, backups, rules engine, logging, etc.
  • We have met with client requirements with best use of latest technology available and the project is now in the support mode.