Custom Website Development for Custom Business Workflow

The client

Our client Simple Patents is located in the USA at the proximity to the United States Patent & Trademark Office at Alexandria, Virginia. It specializes in patent search by making thorough search of active and expired. The U.S. Patents using number proprietary and public resources to provide fast and accurate results to their customers making use of combination of keywords and complete subclass searching at very low cost. Simple patents wanted to have the website that could serve the best to their customers wherein customer could disclose their invention proposal online for free initial review to the "Simple patents" and later could make the online payment to "Simple patents" to proceed ahead. This is for the best accurate and quicker online electronic delivery of the patent search results by providing the related documents to download to customers as per their disclosed invention.


Some of the features were expected in the site:

  • Online registration of all the customers who need to avail the patent search service.
  • Customer login based account for registered user to submit their invention idea/ discloser for free initial review to open unlimited number of projects/invention and track the progress of each existing project/invention.
  • Online payment acceptance of different amount depending on type search service being purchased.
  • Online updating of each invention/project to keep up to date information of project/invention along with internal comments/discussion between customer and simple patents on each project/invention.
  • Offer to take survey on completion of project.
  • Offer Discount code to get discount in payment to be made for next project to the customer who took survey.
  • Online free demo to try out the functionality.

Some of the features were expected as Site Administrator

  • Manage all the projects / invention that are opened up by the register customer.
  • Update any project/ invention to move the project stepwise to enter into predefined 5 phases.
  • Manage the comments for each project/ invention made between simple patents and customer at any step of the project.
  • Manage all customer registered and their projects.
  • Give discount to any customer in making the payment.
  • Managing information of US Patents for each project/invention to give the information to the related customer.
  • Review the results of survey taken by customer on completion of project.
  • Search customer’s invention/ project submitted on any date.
  • Search registered customer on different criteria.
  • Manage the database of directory of classification of patents.

The Solution

The entire solution is made in secure mode; up gradations and comments can be made and addressed at any phase of project or invention by the customers and the simple patents. With any updates made by the customers or simple patents, the project moves into the next phase and at final stage i.e. phase 5 the project gets completed.

Customers can disclose their inventions or online projects and get free online initial review from simple patents. On being convinced with response of the free initial review, the customer can make the online payment. On receiving the payment, simple patents puts or uploads the relevant information (pdfs and image files) for customers to download and review for them. Simple patents put various novel features and the US patent classification applicable to the customer’s invention or disclosure and customer can thus get updated with that information related to their projects or invention. Customers can set the project as complete if all the relevant information is found appropriated and take the survey to rate the service of simple patents and get discount in return for the next project or invention.

The invention disclosure or project can be allowed to get submitted only after the user registration process so that status of each invention or project can be checked by the customer from their registered account on the site. Payment can be made for the project and survey can be taken on completion of project.

Detail back office management includes managing customers’ information, managing project or invention reaching at various phases for instance, manage payment received and to grant the discounts to the customer, review the results of rating made survey taken by the customers. Search upon the customers or the projects and the payments using various search criteria, managing the database of directory of classification of patents.

The Result

It was a great result for our client that they achieved patent search in their website as per their expectation. Full project was commenced starting from requirement analysis till the site went live and back office functionality was developed offshore at our premises in India.

Major Achievement

  • Secured solution for the security of patents information.
  • Browser Compatibility with Firefox, Internet explorer.
  • Threaded comment box for internal communication between customer and site administrator.
  • Easy managing / tracking of the updates on the project/ invention disclosed.
  • Pleasant interactive designing.