Professional Website Designing and Apps Development for Photographers

The Client

Client was looking for a special web site where they could get all the events / weddings related photography demonstrated and wanted to provide an easy interface on the site to collect the information of any upcoming event / wedding from the user. In this process the system of that particular web site can allow the user to do the online booking to hire the photographer. By the same way the system of that web site can make it possible of receiving online payment from user either by partial deposit or full payment.


Some of the features expected in the site were:

  • Any user can make online booking to hire photographer for their wedding or any other events. It does not require login for the user.
  • Easy online process of filling up the booking form with the details of wedding or event.
  • User can pay online with paypal with either partial deposit or full payment, to book the photographer, it does not require for user to have a paypal account.
  • User can see sample party photographs on the site for previously organized events or weddings.
  • Set taxes to apply on different states for the sale of product.
  • User can perform search based on bride name, groom name, organizer name, or by providing only location name also to get the list of photographs related to the wedding or events database of the site.
  • Shopping cart is with online payment.
  • Site can generate automated email to send to customer and also to administrator in response to each booking made and atomized provision where separate directory is allocated on the server related to each booking id.
  • Comprehensive Meta Tags Management for front pages.

Some of the features expected as Site Administrator

  • Administrator can get mail notification for every booking made to the site.
  • Administrator can view all the bookings made to the site.
  • Administrator can contact with photographers offline and provide them booking IDs and necessary FTP details to access the site directory which is related to booking ID, so that they can directly upload photos through FTP.
  • Admin can have the provision to transfer the uploaded photographs related information into the database where all relevant photographs can be uploaded by photographers for each booking ID.
  • Administrator has the provision of Html based email to send promotional mail to customers.

The Solution

User can provide their upcoming wedding or event related information for their special day of celebration, and can make payment online with secure paypal payment gateway of online hire of the photographers. User can search for photos of earlier organized events or weddings for which the photographer was booked from this site in order to take photography this facility is also can be availed without any login in the web site. After successful booking is made by the user, the site makes the arrangement for the photographer to send the FTP details to access the specific directory on the site related to booking ID, so that hired photographer can find folder on FTP with that booking ID. Therefore they can upload photos of the weddings/events in that folder only for which he was hired to take photography. After uploading photographs in the website those can be used and then all whoever come to the web site can get more photographs to search upon bride name, groom name, location etc. Administrator gets notification of each booking made on the site along with the list of bookings made from the website.

Web Design

Building a web site can be a challenging experience. The astounding solution of Radix has designed a web site for our client mentioned above and provided them the design which states their branding and image as they were looking for please furnish this statement and use it . Our process in this regards is very simple where we have assessed their needs and propose a web site solution. There was no complex jargon or fancy ways to disguise the web design process.

Professional Photography

We have talented staffs who are master photographers their works have been featured in prominent masterpiece of outputs. Our distinctive style of classic portrait photography, wedding photography, travel photography, product photography and industrial photography all have been acclaimed as outstanding value and very competitive and the client in this process got tremendous success orientation.

Our solution will meet your needs in this regards

Trendy style is the prime motto for our designers who create spectacular inventions. We are quite peculiar in this concern as our client got many more benefit by our solution with years of experience in website design and professional imaging; we have proved our efficiency to them.

Full solution’s architecture designing and development was developed offshore at our premises in India.

Major Achievement

  • Online booking to hire photographer for any wedding or any other event.
  • Online payment facility with paypal payment gateway.
  • User friendly search to list the photos in smaller and larger versions along with its relevant available information for wedding or event that has been booked on the website.