Business Partnership With IT Company from India

Bussiness partnerships have always been a key factor in Radix’s success. Maintaining effective relationships and mutually beneficial tie ups with our business partners is our one of the major business goal. We build partnerships based on a common vision, mutual trust, professional integrity, and ongoing mutual understanding. Therefore, partners of Radix have more profit gaining flexibility in this cutting edge IT sectors. We deal in a professional manner to meet the success for the both sides.

We can offer custom business partnership schemes to you if you have specific need. Business collaboration with us can create to phase out various opportunities for partners – business development, product line diversification, costs reduction etc.

We look forward to extending and sustaining our strategic partnership with those who are at the forefront of technology, with research institutes and leaders in industry, and with those who are ready to meet industry-driven challenges along with us.

Partnership under name of Radix


Independent IT Consultants and Small & Startup IT Companies


  • Good commission
  • Support from Radix
  • Radix provide additional marketing materials
  • Can use Radix Portfolio

Partnership under Partner’s name


Experience IT Companies Integrated IT Department Experience & Medium Scale IT Companies


  • Radix knowledge , resources and experience
  • Competitive rates
  • Same Resource
  • Radix take care of Knowledge Management

We endorse profit-sharing as a means to expand and strengthen our reach and our partners’ capabilities. If your company is interested in working with Radix in a mutually beneficial relationship, please Contact us.