Orchard Services

If you are a big ASP.Net fan, then Orchard is the content management system for you. Its open source character and ASP.Net base makes it highly sought after CMS for application development.

At Radix we can develop commercial and large scale applications with Orchard CMS. We can develop web applications like online communities, enterprise portals, e-commerce platforms, corporate websites, etc with Orchard as the CMS. All these applications have a standard set of features for content management.

But along with the standard features, we can also develop special or custom features for applications with Orchard CMS. This is where we use our ASP.Net knowledge and expertise. We are Microsoft certified experts for .Net framework. So it is comparatively easier for us to tweak and custom develop features and functions for Orchard CMS.

We can custom develop the following in Orchard CMS:

  • Application controls
  • Navigation pattern
  • Plugins and modules
  • Theme and template
  • Language and currency support
  • Payment and shipping support

We have custom developed modules like:

  • User module
  • Navigation module
  • Social networking module
  • Tags module
  • Syntax highlighter module
  • Recent tweets module

So far we have developed special features like mobile support, market place interface, content publishing across platforms, search function with local and external engines, and mail subscription management for Orchard CMS applications.

We have also developed blogs with commenting features, page templates, different user roles, rich text editors, membership management systems, etc in applications with Orchard CMS. We custom develop features that improve your business processes and enhance your productivity.

To know more about our Orchard CMS services and application development.