Etimesheets-Web Based Time Management Software

The Customer

Founded in 2000, eTimesheets is an industry pioneer in developing web-based time management software. They provide small, medium and large businesses with easy-to-use, web-based, time management software allowing them to accurately track employee time, reduce paperwork errors, and automatically prepare payroll transmittals. eTimesheets has thousands of customers managing their employee’s time and projects with client’s application.

eTimesheets was developed after many years of working in the Payroll industry.


eTimesheets is an online timesheet management website used by multiple companies and their thousands of users. As the employees and companies might be using different browsers, our task was to provide compatibility between different browsers. The site works seamlessly with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera browsers.

Our main task was to make the application browser compatible without changing website behavior or business logic. The requirement for browser compatibility was due to large number of users from different companies, which may be using various browsers.

We developed the application to work with Internet Explorer, which was to be made compatible with browsers listed above. Extensive changes were made to JavaScript, CSS and UI of the pages to bring in the browser compatibility without compromising user experience, application behavior or information display methodology.


As a programmer, I know how difficult it is to have a software project end successfully. I was somewhat sceptical going into this project. However, after seeing the amount of work you put into your initial proposal, I thought it was a good bet to move forward. Well, it turned out great. Your programmers are to be commended.