Building a Community Portal for Zimbabwean –

The client

This client is the leading solution provider in the UK, and wants to launch a reunion community portal for Zimbabweans within all age groups across the globe. Through this community portal, the client wants to provide a specific content of interest in chats, forums, mail to communicate, and other functionalities. To make this community portal they should have a back office for content uploading and workflow management. Similarly, they should have a basic accounting, member management, and an approval process. However, the client has the exuberant business profile providing many more features to that. Here is our keen vigilance to their requirements.


Some of the features are expected in the community portal:
  • User Registration (Free)
  • Forum based on school, year, remembrance, neighbors etc
  • Banner Advertise management (with online and offline payment facility)
    • Single banner
    • Banners in rotation
  • MP3 Player with playlist functionality
  • Audio Advertise management for MP3 player (online payment)
  • Share This (Share contents with other social network sites)
  • Search Songs (using Ajax)
  • Search the Content
  • FAQ
  • Tell Friends
Some of the features are expected in the Site Administrator
  • Multiple Admin with access rights
  • Site management workflow
  • Membership managementt
  • Membership financial management
  • Reports based on Members, Posting Activity
  • Banner & Audio Adverts Management
  • Songs / Tracks Management

The Solution

Here is our solution for this community portal for the Zimbabweans.

  • Members of this site can use search based on events, schools and places.
  • Members can mail to each other and post their experiences, memories etc.
  • Two access levels can be found here − Visitors who can only visit the site and see the information and the registered users of the site can also visit the whole site as well as post new information like new images, memories etc.
  • Detailed back office management with workflow planning and management are for multiple users of back office. Back office includes content management, content review, approval, business reports and accounting status.
  • Developed Banner Management as per the complex requirement of the client, in which an advertiser can come online on site, see the ads locations and prices, book the slot for self, and make the payment online. All the banner locations, plans, ads slot prices and payment will be manageable from site admin panel.
  • We developed the Flash MP3 Player according to the site theme and made Playlist functionality. Admin can manage the songs from back office. The player will work according to the site user type, for visitor the player will play only the songs which are added by admin. Registered user of the site can make their own playlist & play the same.
  • Full project has been commenced starting from requirement analysis until the site goes live and back office functionality can be developed offshore at our premises in India.
  • We are also working on Website optimization for better result in search engine that can be done in search engine submission.

We welcome you to browse our site to have many more information related to the Community Portal Solution.

Major Achievement

  • Optimize database query and script for performance for traffic.
  • Workflow management with content rights for different section administrators.
  • Design & presentation challenges for huge content.
  • Created Flash MP3 Player with playlist functionality to suit site design and colors
  • Quick Search in huge database of Songs using Ajax. Management of Songs Database from site back office.
  • Banner Management module with combinations of Zimdays Banners and third Party Ads Providers like Google Ad sense, Commission Junction.
  • Audio Advert Module − which will play in between songs of user created playlists.
  • Site Optimization to reach targeted traffic through search engine.