Online Flash Based Desinger Studio for Guitar

The Client

The client is an independent Belgium company dealing in the guitars. DesignMyGuitar had the concept of making revolutionary changes in making of the guitar by providing all the guitar players of the world to design their own guitars. DesignMyGuitar approached Radixweb to provide the platform where the guitar players can come and design their own quality guitars at affordable price.


DesignMyGuitar wanted a platform where the guitar players can design their own quality guitar and following are the features requirements.

  • The customers should be able to design their own guitar in specified area only using designer tool for the different types of guitar models.
  • The customer should be able to upload any designs, clip arts or photographs to customized pre-defined area in the design tool.
  • The admin should be able to create types of templates for different guitar models.
  • The customers should have the facility to register and manage their own account, which allow managing portfolio, ordering history, etc.
  • The customers can make the payment online for customized guitar design.


  • To support the vector graphics in the designer tool.
  • Provide the facility to masking and transparency in designer tool.


DesignMyGuitar wanted a platform where guitar players can design their own quality guitar and following are the features requirements.

  • The concept of masking and transparency has been used in designer tool, so that the designs can be created in specified area only.
  • Provided the facility of the uploading the vector graphic like EPS, AI and PDF in designer tool.
  • The print ready PDF files are been provided keeping in mind the concept of masking and transparency.
  • Content and news management system has been provided to manage content as per the client´s requirement.
  • The customers are provided my account management system where they can see their previously created guitar in portfolio section, can see the order details which are been placed.
  • Admin can create the templates of different types of models of guitar by using the latest designer tool.

The Results

  • Navigation has been made so simple that a naïve user can easily select, customize design and can place order.
  • Administrator can easily create and control different types of templates difference models of guitar.
  • Administrator can manage the content which are been used at front side.