Online Education Courses & Events Booking Management System

The Client

The client of this project is FourS. FourS system provides educational services that enable schools to develop their core business which can bring quality learning system. The creation of VT Four S Ltd. (Four S) is a significant development in terms of public service reform. Four S is a part of the Education and Skills Division of the VT Group. The Division also includes large careers, information and advice services and the largest vocational training service of the UK.

Challenges – Requirements

The requirement of the client goes to develop the FourS Course Authoring and Online Booking site that will allow various courses to be administered, booked and paid through online. FourS website includes modules like User Management with role based access on every form, creating Courses, Events, Packages, Package Instances, Venues, Tutors, Bookings and Payments and integration of course information.

The client’s major requirements are:

  • User Management
  • Courses
  • Events
  • Packages
  • Package Instances
  • Venues
  • Tutors
  • Booking

The Solution

User Management

User Management in this site is categorized in seven different categories like Super User, Training & Development Manager (TDM), Team Leader (TL), Course Organizer (CO), Procurement, School Administrator, and School Staff. The first five users are in admin roles of FourS and the remaining are the end users of the site. The basic task of the Super User is to Create/Edit user profiles based on the roles and manage the User Profiles.


Course is an entity that refers to the topic or subject that is created by an admin of FourS like ".NET 3.0 frameworks". Course can be created by TDM, TL or CO. If the course is created by TL or CO, it goes for its approval. The status of that course is either approved or rejected depending on its immediate supervisor’s recommendation.


Event refers to an entity on which the site users or FourS users can book for. The Event is an example of a particular course. Event can span multiple dates as well as multiple venues. Event also follows the same approval process as the course module.


Package is a collection of courses. Package can contain 2 or more courses. Package is a good option for the end user to purchase in bulk with reduced cost. Packages also follow the same approval process as the course module.

Package Instances

Package Instance is an instance of a Package. A Package Instance contains one and only one event for each course selected for that respective Package. Package Instances are designed to offer bulk purchases of events with reduces price. Package Instances also follow the same approval process as the course module.


Venue refers to an entity on which an particular event is going to be performed. FourS members can create venues based on their needs for arranging events. Procurement is the member of FourS which approves any venue created by other FourS members.


Tutor is a member of FourS team. Their basic role involves delivering or performing on respective events. It also includes an Associate tutor role which helps out the actual Tutor in carrying out any particular event.


Booking is the place where the site user can book for an Event/Events and/or Package Instance/ Package Instances. School Admin can book for their staff members for Events and/or Package Instances. School staff can also book their own but need to be approved by his/her respective School Admin.

Value Addition

  • Ajax Controls: Used Ajax controls are for creating a more customized and user friendly appearance of the controls on the website. Ajax controls are useful as they allow the modification of any part of the control without having to refresh the whole page.
  • Booking Process: In the Booking process, the user can select multiple events as well as multiple packages for Booking it. This gives the user flexibility for booking on more than one event.

Lessons Learnt

In this project, DIV based designing is used which helped to open new horizons in the designing side.

This project brings our mastery in the domain knowledge of educational events.

Major Achievement

  • User Management
  • Courses
  • Events
  • Packages
  • Venues
  • Booking