Web Design with CMS for Online Used Car Buy Sell Classified

The client

Our client Autopostcars wanted to develop the site for car sellers or dealers for making online classified of their cars to get sold by allowing them to take free account or paid membership account on the site. So that site visitors can search cars for sale and contact car sellers directly through the web site.


Some of the features expected in the site:

  • Simple site navigation.
  • Example page of “car selling classified” to remain available all the time for demonstration purpose.
  • Online account of sellers or dealers on the site with difference in available functionality in their account, allowing dealers to post more cars compared to direct sellers. The car details and photographs can be updated from their account and their personal information can be updated from their account. Photo gallery of the car can be set up by sellers or dealers along with their car information. Per classified post from paid membership or dealer done by paying the defined amount online.
  • Paid Signup in 3 stages to be followed 1) Vehicle information 2) seller information 3) payment via 2checkout.com payment gateway. For paid member the classified can remain online until the car gets sold or seller removes the classified from the site from their site account.
  • Flexibility for allowing or removing the option for free trial membership signup. For free trial membership the classified remains online only until predefined number of days and thereafter the classified no more gets displayed. Email alerts and notice in free trial member account occurs when the trial account is about to expire.
  • Searching the car based on zip code, make and model of the car.
  • Contacting the sellers or dealers directly from the website for the car by the interested party.

Some of the features expected as Site Administrator

  • Set up the choice and make model of the car to offer for selling and searching the car.
  • Search, list and view the cars details posted by sellers or dealers to display online for sale.
  • Approve or decline the car details to be displayed online posted by sellers or dealers.
  • List the paid members, trial members and the dealers registered to the site.
  • Search and list the payments received from paid registration.

The Solution

Site is designed with simple presentation yet elegant and we have come up to the resolution with flying colors.

Customers can choose the make and the model available of car and view their details with photographs. Customers can search the car based on zip code. The complete process of making the search and contacting the seller / dealer is very user friendly.

Site is flexible to allow the option of free trial membership for limited number of days. The option of paid membership is available therein for each classified post; the payment has to be made online via 2checkout payment gateway. For car selling classified posts by free trial membership user, the approval or rejection is made by the site administrator for displaying the classified online. Free trial membership has no provision to set up the photo gallery of their cars. For free member account, the site displays the notice in the user account section that their trial accounts are about to expire within few days.

The seller or dealer can be allowed to submit the classified only after the user registration process. The registered user can make use of their account after login for managing their personal profile details and the car details. Any information of the car can be modified along with the photographs by the seller or dealer from their login account. For paid users the classifieds posted by them get displayed immediately on the website and do not need any administrator approval for displaying online on the site. For paid users, their classifieds remains online till the car is sold and user choose to stop displaying that car to any other from their account. Sellers or dealers can get the inquiry of their cars from the site when the site visitors choose the option of contact the seller.

Details of back office management access include the listing of each car posted as classified. Site Administrator can approve or reject the classified posts by free trial membership users to get displayed online. Administrator can set up the choice of the model of the car that is made available as the criteria for searching or selling the car. Payments received for the classified posts and new paid membership signup can be listed to the site administrator. Membership report can be generated in detail along with the relation to their posted car details and payment details.

The Result

The result in this regard was as expected earlier. Full project was commenced starting from requirement analysis till the site went live and back office functionality was developed offshore at our premises in India.

Major Achievement

  • Design & presentation simple yet attractive.
  • Easy searching with customized search results of the car based on zip code, make and model.
  • Wide variety of unlimited make and model of cars made available to choose out for placing the classified to sell the car.
  • Extensive car information posting along with photo gallery set up can be done by car seller and dealers.
  • Paid Membership package made available with free trial membership for limited period for placing the car selling classified. Online payment using payment gateway ‘2co’ (2checkout.com).
  • Easy one click procedure made available to contact the car seller/dealer regarding classified for the interested party.
  • Administrative reports and management of payments received, make – model details of car, posted classified car details, member list and keeping track for account expiry of trial account along with notification reminders and alerts.

Client’s Experience

“I had my doubts as well as my expectation, you gave me a solution that banished any doubt I had and went beyond my original expectations. You are masters of your work and certainly have proven me that I am master of judgment when it comes to selecting a good resource to work with”