Core Testing Services

Arrays of procedures targeting at Total Quality Control are provided by our team. We can concentrate on technical levels while remaining conscious of the business requirements. The testing services provided by our team includes

  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Business continuity testing
  • Disaster recovery testing
  • Migration testing
  • Automated testing
  • Usability testing
  • Web and lab testing

Performance testing

We evaluate the performance of the software or web applications through various techniques. Some of the key procedures adopted are

  • Load/Stress Testing
  • Performance Monitoring & Tuning
  • Endurance & Soak Testing
  • Scalability and Volume Testing and Other non functional testing.

We use automated tools to generate results that are compared by experts and or against bench mark standards.

Security testing

Security loopholes available in applications are identified; most of the cases that create a vulnerable situation are the resultant of poor habits in programmers. These are practice generated mistakes that are consistently observed.

Radix maintains the much valued knowledge reserve and constantly upgrades the reservoir on routine basis and primary uses the information obtained from test results.

Our methods offer quicker identification of security loop holes. Our team will also conduct ‘Risk & Threat Analysis’ and can conduct the security audit of client applications. BS7799 standards are regularly tracked for any upgrades and procedures followed while testing.

Business continuity testing

We provide consulting, testing and verification services. Our services are inexpensive and accurate thus, the usual myths associated with Business Continuity testing do apply completely.

Our team provides services for

  • Disaster Management and Recovery
  • Walk through testing
  • Scenario testing
  • Communication testing and much more…

You will not be disappointed with our services. We provide a build up based on the testing and verification results and at time our consultancy is provided at no extra charges. Final scope of services is dependent on the nature of demand itself.

Disaster recovery testing

Disaster recovery planning need not me maintained only for large scale companies with Data Center level setups, it also applies for small and medium scale enterprises as any data that becomes a vital information should never be lost.

We provide proper testing and maintenance solutions for such cases.

Migration testing

Should you have to make a site transfer and you site happens to have a medium to large scale of data, you are looking at unforeseen errors in the same application that was earlier functioning smoothly.

We concentrate and provide testing services for migrated applications and are skilled in quicker identification of issues. These we are able to claim as we are ourselves providing site migration solutions to our clients.

On software end, the bit migration from say 16/32 bit to 64 bit generates some issues; we can help you prevent embarrassing situations on such sort of applications with our effective and experienced testing skills.

Automated testing

Automation testing is not essentially mastery of tools and using them for redundant activities, the solutions much more complicated than that. The very idea of how, when and where the testing should be conducted is skill that is gained from experience.

Our resources can use different bug identification tools and write test cases, scripts to be run in automated gadgets for effective testing.

Some of the Automated testing includes, QTP, Winrunner, Test Director, Bad Boy, IBM Ration Robot etc..

We use Bugzilla for reporting and follow up purposes.

Usability testing

Information display is very significant and so is the skill of portraying information. Radix has experience of building solutions with ‘Information Architecture’ designed prior to the graphics design, solution development.

We have experience in creation of Wire frames and also have used such protocols for over 200 projects.

Such understanding allows us to provide you with the most easy to use application, with greater look and feel, enhancement suggestions etc… we can also direct your attention to the speed and manner on which the page downloads thus creating an upscale version of your solution and making it more efficient.

Web and lab testing

Any web solution has one element in common i.e. they are not bound by boundaries. Web applications are accessed through various browsers and at different bandwidth speeds. The application as such comprises of the multi media or the design graphics, contents and functional aspects associated with them.

We provide you with test results on most popular to least known but very persistent usage environments and help make your solutions accessible from any where in the same level of quality and conformity everywhere.