Offshore Onshore Software Development

The hybrid delivery model means mixture of Offshore and Onshore Delivery Models, which is to gain ratio while cut down costs. Radixweb has expert onsite team, who will directly interact with the clients and supply services to them as consultants, developers and program managers, which will depend on the project demands and access. Radixweb team will commit time on the studies of the need, designing and development by interacting directly with the clients. The model benefits in scalability and massive operation.

The offshore team, working for your business will communicate with the onsite team regularly and provide all the assistance and support that the onsite team needs, in a bid to reduce implementation times. Clients will enjoy number of operational profits and can be eased of project responsibilities, and focus on various other critical business consequences.

Advantages of Hybrid Delivery Model are:

  • Direct customer interaction
  • 24×7 availability & productivity
  • Optimized resource and process management
  • Balance and optimization of both offshore and onsite delivery models