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Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Proponents of offshore development state of Radix, rather than being an unequal relationship, it is an arrangement in which benefits clients in terms of getting goods and services at a cheaper price for their consumers.

The advantages of offshoring are concrete and immediately appreciable - more jobs, lower costs, and higher profits however, the disadvantages can be subtler. Radix’s off shoring development is a relatively recent business innovation, made possible by global advances in long distance transportation and communication combined with developing international economies.

Offshore Software Development Center,Software Outsourcing Company

How far is it reliable for the business

Faithfulness to global standards in process and policy implementation helps Radix to deliver consistent quality in project results. The ODC is connected to every client through round-the-clock communication channels with ample freedom. Radix fosters strong collaborative partnerships with its clients from the conceptualization stage through product development and testing, with a dedicated team that assures a smooth transfer of the final product/application to the client. The risk is reduced to a minimum by our Offshore Dedicated model; where we provide our customers with exclusive full-time dedicated resources on a long-term basis.

Options Available Options Available
Staff Selection Mutually Remote Monitoring (cctv) Optional
Ideal Team Size 5+ Separate Internet Connectivity Optional
Custom HR Policy Partially IPR Yes
Project Management Standard Custom Replacement Cost No
Separate Servers Optional Minimum Contract Term 1 Year
Customized Development Environment Optional Advance Deposit 2 Months
Network Segregation Optional Option for Ownership in Future No
Security Policy Radix    

What is the promotional base of Radix Offshore development center

At Radix, Offshore software development center has been developed with challenging tasks for many years. We know the fact that offshore and outsourcing partnerships convert into tangible savings for our clients. As an outsourcing services provider Radix can deliver important advantages to its clients. We offer not only some of the best IT specialists in the outsourcing industry; we are also committed to starting smooth, risk-free and well-managed engagements with out clients.

Offshore Development Center enables you to setup your Development and Back Office support at low cost, and it has a full control where ″Outsourced″ feeling is minimized.

ODC enables companies to nearly replicate their work environment and reduce cultural difference, thus delivering smooth line of operations.

This business model is ideal for Product Development, Enterprise Solutions and web Portal. As a model requires 5+ team members, process makes sure that knowledge retention practice is in place and ensures hassle-free operations by reducing dependency on individuals.

Infrastructure Offered (standard)

  • P4 Machines
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Redundant Internet Connectivity
  • Local Linux Server for Development
  • Remote Linux Server for Client Testing (No need to buy hosting for standard needs)
  • Code Version
  • Anti-virus& Backups
  • Direct Communication with Developers

More about Infrastructure

Customize Development Environment

Our Offshore Development Center does not bind you with unconditional bonds we are offering very much standard options; it allows you to customize it on a need-basis. After all, you can feel Radix as your Offshore Development Center.

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