Multi Lingual Web2print Solution with Ecommerce

The Client

ProDigital is a Croatia-based printing company having an experience of 14 years in the field. It has complete automation of the procurement and processing of printing products. ProDigital have many corporate clients and have to manage their orders and the respective payments. The client has a dedication to provide online advanced printing services to their target designer company and the print broker. Hence, they also intended to have the functionality to cater their corporate customers with their specific template and store front branded with their company logo. ProDigital approached Radixweb for a complete solution of online card design system with e-commerce facility, which would support multiple languages.


ProDigital wanted a platform where online designing of the cards, integration with e-commerce functionalities and entire site should be in multilingual (English and Croatian).

Following are the key features of the requirement.

  • The entire site should support multiple languages. (Croatian and English).
  • The client has so many different products like business card, flyers, calendars, invitations cards, etc and they want to have user-friendly online designer tool where they can customized or rather design a new card.
  • The customer should be able to upload own complete design.
  • The designer tool should support special characters of the Croatian language.
  • The predefined products should be made available to the customers.
  • Administrator should control the customers, orders, templates and all the contents which are been displayed on the front side through content management system.
  • The categorization of the customer should be provided like retail customers and corporate customers, the price should be maintained respectively for the same.
  • Free gift management should be provided to the customers on referral basis.
  • News, newsletter and advertisement management should be provided.


  • Dynamic website content should be managed in multi-language.
  • To handle the special characters in Croatian language.
  • Addition of the new fonts in designer studio as per client requirement which support Croatian characters.
  • Display of the special characters of the Croatian language in PDF files.


Radixweb thoroughly analyzed the entire concept of the client, designed and developed the website keeping in mind the business needs, language criteria as well as functionality of e-commerce for the ProDigital.

The key features provided to ProDigital are as follows.

  • The entire site has been provided in multi-language.
  • The customer can select the predefined designs, can customize the same, can design the own design using the design tool and can order the same.
  • Customers can buy the predefined products like mugs, t-shirts, greeting cards etc.
  • The customer can make the payment online for their respective orders.
  • Free gifts were made available to the users on referral basis.
  • Admin section has been provided where the administrator can control the customers, orders, templates and all the contents which are been displayed on the front side through content management system.
  • Admin section has been provided for the management of news, news letter and advertises management which would be displayed on the front side.
  • Designer tool has been made compatible with the fonts supporting special characters of the Croatian language.
  • The special characters are supported in print ready files.