Multi Lingual Community Portal


Isterlab is a community portal for Arabic country inventors facilitating exchange of ideas. The website has two basic parts. The main custom website has different features like inbuilt search, Date Bank, News Posting, Article Posting and Browsing, Advertisement and Sponsor Management. In addition to above admin features, the users can sign up to view details about news, articles and take advantage of the website’s inbuilt Appointment Scheduling system. All the functionalities presented here are in Arabic language.

Another part of the website is a static website which is multilingual (Arabic + English). This mainly lists the products and services offered by Isterlab training center. This content website is linked with the main custom functionality website developed.

Basic Flow

The website is mainly a community portal sort of application. So it does not have a flow as such. The admin creates the content for the website and adds different articles and news in to the system. 5 news keep scrolling on the homepage.

Articles added by the admin are displayed randomly on homepage which keeps changing every time the page loads. By clicking on article, user can read the full article.

A user does not have an option of printing the article or news or sending it to a friend.

The admin can add important dates to the date bank, which is shown on the homepage. 7 upcoming events are shown on the homepage.

Admin can add sponsors and advertisements on the website which are displayed on the homepage.

Users can sign up to the website and once activation link is received, they can sign in to the website. Once logged in, they can change their profile details, send news and articles to their friends, invite more users to the portal or send articles to admin for adding on the website. Users can also post personal appointment to the date bank which is visible to the user who added the appointment.


  • User Management
  • News Management
  • Article Posting and Management
  • Manage Sunshine (another set of articles which are managed differently)
  • Date Bank
  • Advertisement and Sponsor Management
  • Content Management
  • Website Usage Reporting
  • Built in Search to find data on different websites
  • Static Content Website in Arabic and English