Offshore Development Centre with BOT Option

ODC Setup with BOT Model for Mobile Internet Limited



Mobile Internet Limited of Radix is core technology solution provider for various mobile and satellite communication companies. Complex and highly demanding project alone are undertaken. Our Mobile Internet Limited provides the best of the best available in the industry while retaining knowledge and building values rather than just outsourcing work.

The challenge

Mobile Internet Limited, UK is required to setup offshore development center quickly to ensure on knowledge, IPR and our resources’ skill retention. Heaving legal identity and option to own setup was one of prime requirement.

Nature of work demands highly skilled domain specific experts. Best of the best in the industry should also come with a very high price tag. The concern of costs and manageability has become the challenge and the HR also have to struggle with convincing candidates who were well established in well known MNC (Multi National Companies) for joining with us for an unknown and absolutely new venture.

A sense of security has to be established for the candidates joining in the firm.

With all the above factors addressed herein are the key problems of iteration of resources. Effective contracts and incentive model has to be introduced to employees and proper infrastructure and administrative support is needed for this.

The target is to have a minimum team of approx 10 professionals comprising a hierarchy of Project Manager for both technical and functional sides, JAVA, C, C++ programmers, Technical Communicators. System Administrators are to work as offshore production & support team.

The Solutions

Radix has established Mobile Internet India Limited on BOT (Build Operate & Transfer) model ensuring legal identity, infrastructure, recruitment & management by adhering policies from Mobile Internet Limited.

On recruitment front we have advertised and promoted the company in newspapers and mass media environments including the community portals with various groups and other form of social networking aspects.

Professional consulting firms are hired for head hunting to articulate information materials provided to aspiring candidates whereas popular Job Portals are flushed for information and resumes.

Scheduling preliminary interviews and then updating with the client for short listing candidates list. We conduct direct interviews of the short listed candidates with the client and all part of routine start up operations.

Redundant and Quick Results

The sourcing of resources starts providing quicker results with most of the team is assembled by the time infrastructure which is established making pinnacle of deliverability for Radix. All key skills are hired and the official contract agreement is signed between the selected candidates.

And the firm and client are assured with best of support at all occasions.

As such the team size and skill matrix has become increasing demand and so the operations on the HR has never ceased.

Supporting Strength & Flexibility

Radix being a technically experienced firm acted as consulted providing guidance for various projects to the teams working for the ‘Mobile Internet India Limited’.

Both critical and complex problems issues have been assessed and solutions are provided even though such activities are not in scope of work for Radix as part of the agreement signed for setting up of ‘Build Operate Transfer’.

Security & Secrecy of work

All projects are executed by Mobile Internet India Limited come under high demand for confidentiality, the network, project codes, information materials and any form of documentations have to be treated with absolute secrecy. Radix plays a pivotal role which is coming up with key security policies. Radix helps in building protocols for the networks.

Radix has been following the essence of premier information security policies such as BS7799 and also has an in-house framework established for its own security.

The practices are being adopted in Radix for the implementation in ‘Mobile Internet India Limited’ thus Radix forms a hand in glove fix.

Hassle Free Management

Owing to the freedom and secure isolation provided to Mobile Internet India Limited, the teams are able to have rapid synchronization among themselves and between the clients located in the UK. The main management operates from the UK and at times the employees are called abroad to undergo training.

Radix arranges for all the essentials needed for making it to the destination spots.

Overall Services Provided and Future Prospects

Radix is engaged in providing all legal cover and support needed for establishing and operating a fully functional development center for different clients and Mobile Internet India Limited is just one of the success stories among many others.

We are having an agreement period valid for 3 years that can be extended for additional period depending on the need felt by the client.