Linux & Open Source Server Support

Besides Microsoft Windows, Radix also excels in providing support for your Linux Servers running RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu and other flavors of open source operating systems. Our dedicated team of Linux professionals provides efficient, highly qualified and expert support for your Linux servers and clients.


Samba runs on all Linux systems and enables implementation of file sharing and printer services between client systems. Samba can use LDAP and Active Directory as a storage backend for accounts and mappings from Windows SIDs to UNIX UID/GID. Radix offers the following services in the realm of Samba:

  • Installation of Samba on server or client Linux Operating Systems
  • Integration of Samba with Windows Server Domain
  • Configuring Samba with user permissions for file sharing
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting Samba via scheduled logs


LAMP refers to the application platform powered by a combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python. One of the most popular open-source application development platforms currently available, it is widely being used across the globe. We offer following services in LAMP:

  • Planning, installing and configuring Apache, MySQL and PHP packages
  • Configuring multiple web applications based on Apache web server with PHP and MySQL database
  • Managing Linux based Internet hosting architecture and application platform, with monitoring and management of online availability, performance and security
  • Scheduling backups of sites and database
  • Auditing and troubleshooting web server health

Linux Server and Cloud Administration

Linux Server Administration enhances productivity by easing your mind off a multitude of issues, sometimes unforeseen by you and even the developers working on functions of the server in production environments. When it comes to Linux Server and Cloud Administration, Radix provides the following services:

  • Consulting on architecture design for your infrastructure demand
  • Planning, developing and implementing web and application servers with high performance and availability for intranet and internet
  • Setting up scheduled patch management repositories and antivirus solutions for enhanced security
  • Configuring and implementing RAID and disaster recovery solutions
  • Setting up virtual servers using OpenVZ and Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud
  • Monitoring health check for host and guest servers in virtualized environment