Knowledge Management

Radix firmly believes that knowledge is an important asset as it gathered over a period of time and will assist the organization to be successful. Knowledge Management (KM) promises to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of business. So comprehensive accumulation and adequate proliferation of knowledge is the cornerstone of any business.

Radix knows how to securely accept and adopt knowledge and offers seasoned methods for rapid knowledge transfer in the event of software development outsourcing, especially offshore.

Radix offers standard procedures for knowledge acquisition at project and/or dedicated group initiation.

Radix effectively manages taking over complex legacy systems.

Radix launches rapid skills introduction and skills upgrade programs within dedicated centers, to insure maintained group efficiency in the times of technological shifts and influx of new staff.

In-house Knowledge Management


As an offshore software development services provider, Radix is responsible for protecting, storing and effectively managing the know-how obtained from clients, insuring continuity and efficiency of the entire production life cycle. Radix KM program is build to capture knowledge within the Company. Established knowledge sharing procedures help us to generate value from the intellectual assets accumulated in the years of operation.

KM tools help to extract and use the tacit knowledge of our employees. Knowledge Management makes gathered internal expertise available to the right people at the right time on request.

IPR Protection


We consider protecting customer intellectual property rights an absolute priority and fundamental to the success of our company, as a software development outsourcing services provider. Access to client-specific know-how is secured. Radix tries to adhere to EU IPR legislation.

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