Kartis Ecommerce application in ASP.Net

The popularity of online shopping and e-commerce applications has been increasing. With this, the use of shopping carts has also increased. There are already a number of shopping carts available in the market. But lately, Kartris has managed to stir things up for the e-commerce applications.

Kartris is a young shopping cart system for the ASP.Net platform. But Radix, an early adopter of Microsoft technologies, has already adopted it for application development. We use Kartris to develop applications with rich business functionalities. We develop applications with a frontend that resembles a catalogue. You can add and display unlimited number of products in this frontend. We integrate a dynamic shopping cart in these applications to facilitate trade.

We can also use our knowledge of ASP.Net to custom develop applications with Kartris CMS. These custom features can meet typical business requirements. We can custom develop following with Kartris CMS:

  • Modules for special features
  • Plugs-ins for different functionalities
  • Shopping cart system with a unique flow
  • Themes and templates that reflect business
  • Language and currency support
  • Payment and shipping support
  • Application management controls

We develop e-commerce applications with MS SQL database support and SSL support for transactions. In addition to this, we can integrate QuickBooks in your applications. Our applications can reduce your processing time and give you a real-time visibility of your business processes. They can handle large volumes of traffic and online orders. We develop applications that are secure, reliable, and scalable with Kartris CMS.

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