Inventory Management System


DMC Inventory Management System is a Windows-based application for in-house use of DMC – a US based construction and demolition services provider. DMC is mainly into construction business and they wanted an application that would allow their employees to manage the products, inventory, tools and vehicles that are used in daily work. They wanted the application to keep track of the tool and vehicle maintenance work being done and generate reports that would allow users to see material, tool and vehicle usage and expenses done during selected period of time or selected projects.

They wanted the application to possess self protection against data loss. For this we provided a facility of automated backup which would take the database backup at regular intervals so that if there is any system crash, data loss is minimal.

Basic Flow

The admin of the system defines master data like supplier, manufacturers, products they use, tools, and vehicles they have. From the group of employees of the company, the admin sets up users who will be using the system and grants rights for each user.

The admin also creates new projects and related sites on receipt of any new project.

The project manager orders inventory and makes entry in the system to maintain stock of products. When, the material is transferred to a site, the entry is maintained in the system to maintain the stock of material.

When tools are being used on the site, an entry is made in the system to get an idea where the tool is being used.

When any vehicle is needed on any site, vehicle trip is planned and expenses like gas consumption are entered into the system. Return trip of the vehicle is planned in the same way.

At the end or completion of work, the manager/admin generates the report to review the expenses incurred on each project/site like how much material was used, how much vehicle gas was used etc.

They can generate different reports to calculate expenses incurred for each project/site.


  • User Management
  • Product Management
  • Product Inventory Management
  • Tools Management and Transfer of Tools
  • Vehicle Management, Vehicle Trip Planning
  • Maintenance of Vehicles and Tools
  • Project/Site Management
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Automated Database Backup