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Apart from the challenges of deregulation, consolidation and convergence of financial services world wide, Radix has oozed out an innovative system to insurance services provider clients. The software allows for multi angel insurance business management at a feasible cost with custom features and functionalities. The online Insurance Management System Software solution is a fully automated and integrated policy processing system for both personal and commercial insurance carriers. It is a scalable, reliable and cost-effective solution for carrying out all business-critical insurance processing functions.

We are a leading Insurance Software Solutions provider for all segments of insurance community and insurance product management. Our web based Insurance Management System Software solution helps to solve long-standing time-to-market challenges. Our web based insurance management system expertise and solution can dramatically lessen the cost of policy ownership services.

We offer a focused and supported approach to provide a secure future for our clients through affordable solution that helps to meet their needs and expectations.

Insurance Policy Management Software Solution


Radix is committed to serve the needs of clients providing an insurance technology outsourcing service for the insurance industry. Radix has a team of experts who have in-depth understanding of insurance business management and insurance practice to furnish customize solution as per specific business requirements of client’s industry. Our team of insurance technology consultants has developed a conceptual framework for insurance tracking system, processing flows and other assets that enable a detailed analysis of both the life and non-life sectors. We are one of the business specialists that drive the demand for Insurance Industry.

We offer a robust web based insurance solution, which has the flexibility of customization to match the specific needs of clients for achieving their business goal of good service and revenue generation. Here are those modules for your insurance business management.

Insurance Management Solutions

Health Insurance Policy Sales & Management System

The world has become an interesting place. Initially products used to be the deal clinchers for companies. However today, with the converging boundaries of global market space, efficient delivery of services has become the USP.

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Quote Engine For Travel Insurance Company

The Company wanted Radixweb to provide Application Option to generate quote for Travel Insurance. Affiliates can login to application and generate quote using the application.

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