Insurance Management Solutions

Presently, as the global economy is undergoing massive transformations and challenges, healthcare and insurance sector in particular remain among the most affected recipients of this shift. They not only have the massive task of aligning their businesses on a digital platform but an array of other challenges as well, such as reducing their operating expenses to emerge more competitive, underwriting more accurately to enhance profitability and last but not the least, optimizing their information technology outlay, which is now a key business driver in maximizing customer retention and winning new ones.

It is all about how firmly and decisively Information Technology sits in your value proposition. Putting forth this idea before the industry, Radixweb entered the domain of insurance software solutions. By focusing on core aspects of product / policy management, process automation and workforce task optimization, Radixweb provides two unique software solutions in the insurance domain.

An Exhaustive Policy Management Suite


This solution associates with every single aspect of Policy Management and offers smart administrative packages for the processes involving Policy, Claims, Agency and even content management for Auditing (compliance). It is aimed at providing improved operational and cost efficiencies to the insurance businesses by making them more responsive for the given state of competition.

The solution especially best suits insurance businesses of small to mid-size. Radixweb understands that due to the challenges of high expense and large risks associated with such technology spending, SMBs may find it difficult to monetize the same. Hence Radixweb offers this solution with a suitable choice of customization for your insurance business.

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Online Quote Engine for Personal Lines Insurance


Today’s business scenario emphasizes the need for a responsive web presence, especially for a highly commoditized product like a travel insurance policy. An interactive website, which could act as a vital extension of your brick and mortar organization. It is where your distinguishable business advantage lies.

Using Radixweb´s quote engine, you get an effective online gateway, which not only attracts more customers but also lets you to manage your agents and franchises far more effectively. You indeed achieve discernible productivity since consumers appreciate the convenience of 24/7 access to services provided by your insurance agency; and feel excited to shop for a choicest insurance plan in the comfort of their home, office and even when they are on the move.

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