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Our HR practices are designed to increase employee productivity and carefully aligned to meet personal and Company goals. Today, the global sourcing marketplace offers unmatched opportunity for growth as companies are turning to global expansion. Radix does it all to have the right people in the right seats.

At Radix, people practices to focus on personal and professional development to dynamically align individual goals with organizational objectives. We understand that how we treat our team so they treat your business. Therefore, we believe that our team is our competitive advantage.

Analysis say


In terms of recruitment and selection, it is important to consider carrying out a thorough job analysis to determine the level of skills/technical abilities, competencies, flexibility of the employee required, etc. At this point, it is important to consider both the internal and external factors that can have an effect on the recruitment of employees. The external factors are those out-with the power of the organization and include issues such as current and future trends of the labor market e.g. skills, education level, government investment into industries etc. On the other hand, internal influences are easier to control, predict and monitor, for example management styles or even the organizational culture.

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As everyone knows that career development and job skills attainment after employment are the joint liability of the employee and the employing unit, therefore, Radix is obligated to offer many programs of training and development which can improve organizational effectiveness and productivity by enhancing the skills, knowledge, abilities, and competencies brought to the position by the employee and essential for work-related success, individual growth and career development. Our Human Resource Development provides such programs and makes every effort to have equilibrium the needs of the individual and the needs, goals and objectives of Radix.

Radix’s HR categories

We take the right time to implement original assessment and performance management solutions, designed to reward the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm of our employees. Radix is committed to provide an enriched professional experience to all its employees.

  • Our effective communication practices and healthy culture, where employees know exactly what is expected from them and how their performance is measured.
  • Our Job rotation to expose resource pool to different technologies and rapid skills upgrade procedures ensure that know-how is retained within customer dedicated groups.
  • Knowledge management system to promote sharing of best practices and project learning. Encouraging and sponsoring employees for skill enhancement and professional certifications.
  • We embrace the need to rapidly integrate new employees through an adaptation program, especially designed for time-con.

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